The Battle of Cedúrna
The battle had raged for several hours: the screaming of men, the clattering and clinking of polearms, and the heavy rain that turned the once bright green fields into a muddy wasteland, came together to make a terrible horror unfold. Alfonso screamed at the final reserves of the Black Cavalry to attack the Teal and Yellow’s army from their flank. They roared down onto the battlefield below from where they stood on the battlefield's highest precipice. The Teal King ordered his recurve archers to point towards the flowing cavalry and ordered them to fire at will.

A flurry of arrows, tipped with concentrated hemlock poison, rained down upon the raging horses and soldiers. Horses were crippled as their legs were torn and ravaged. Those of the cavalrymen that weren’t dead due to the arrows, of them, many began suffocating on their own saliva as the poison quickly entered their systems. Some of them were even trapped underneath their horses, forced to suffocate in muddy puddles that littered the fields like salt on meat.

From the precipice, Alfonso stood, looking in horror as his plan collapsed from underneath him. The Teal King saw Alfonso standing alone on top of the hill and charged his horse towards him without taking any men to accompany him. The Yellow King, who was only two hundred paces from the Teal King, saw the Teal king rushing up the hill to face Alfonso. He grabbed two decorated two longswords from his honor guards, placing one of them in his sheath, and followed the Teal King while slashing and cutting men that were in his way with speed and might.

A bolt from a Scorpio flew through the air from the Black camp and sliced through the throat of the horse of the Teal King. He was overturned and the horse collapsed onto the King. Taking his longsword out of his sheath, the King attempted to cut the horse from his body but to no avail. A black warden made his way towards the handicapped king, the seven-foot brute strode over to the King with an enormous warden mace that required both of her hands to hold. She grunted and laughed at the King’s struggle and slowly raised the mace above her head to finally kill the Teal King.

“¡Do it, You coward!” The King screamed while looking the warden dead in the eye.

“Hehehee…” the warden laughed in a deep growl in response to the King’s request.

As the warden was about to strike the incapacitated King, a sword had pierced the back of the warden and traveled through her upper chest. The Yellow King ran the sword through the body of the warden and retrieved the sword from her chest. She looked at the Yellow King and at Teal King then she fell onto the ground; her body slid down the slippery muddy hill before ending up entrenched in muddy water the size of a small lake.

“¿You think you can do this alone? You’re Crazy,” The Yellow King said while approaching the Teal King.

“Lárgate...,” the King said as he finally relaxed on the bed of mud.

The Yellow King helped the Teal King wiggle out from underneath the horse’s body. As he got out, the Yellow King handed the Teal King the longsword in his sheath and the two charged up the hill to meet Alfonso.

Once the Kings finally got there, the aged Alfonso stood at the edge of the precipice, with his black-stained bronze armor that covered his body from head to toe and his double-tipped emerald embedded spear at his side, while staring over the battlefield. He sensed the presence of the men, and he moved his head slightly to stare in their general direction.

“¿So, this is what it has all amounted to? Huh,” Alfonso paused while fluttering his dagger in his hand, “A battle on a damned hill in the middle of the most terrible lands.”

“It’s time for justice to be served, Alfonso. You and your wars have ravaged this land and soiled it for all of its worth. Surrender now, your days of war are over,” The Yellow King said with a commanding voice.

“I think… not,” Alfonso said while throwing his dagger at the Teal King. As the dagger was going to hit the king, he parried it with the end of his blade, sending the dagger flying off the side of the cliff.

The three kings charged each other with swords and spears in hand, initiating combat. The fight raged as Alfonso parried each of the Kings’ attempts to strike the Black King. After a few minutes of exchanging parries and blows, all of them were heavily fatigued. Thirst ran high amongst the Kings and their reactions began to slow to a snail’s pace. Alfonso took a dagger from the Teal King’s left boot and stabbed the Yellow King in the thigh, sending him falling to the ground. The Teal King was pushed back onto the ground with the pole of the spear from Alfonso. Alfonso walked over to the injured Yellow King and thrust his spear to stab him, but the Yellow King parried the thrust with his sword’s hilt with the little energy he had left.

The Teal King regained his footing and dashed towards Alfonso, longsword in hand, and with his empty left hand, he held Alfonso’s right arm and stabbed him in the armpit with his sword. The King dug the blade into Alfonso’s armpit until the tip of the blade came out of the King’s shoulder blade. Alfonso screamed, the Yellow King pushed through his immense pain and stood up to strike at Alfonso. From the front, the Yellow King took Alfonso’s left arm and entered his sword into Alfonso’s other armpit.

The two kings let go of their swords and pushed Alfonso towards the edge of the cliff face that overlooked the battlefield. The Black King was wheezing heavily and, due to the swords lodged in his shoulders, his arms were locked in place. The Yellow king helped the Teal King walk by supporting the Teal king on his shoulders.

“Vete a la mierda, Alfonso,” the Yellow King said with a heavy breath. The two Kings kicked the Black King off of the cliff, his body sprawled out and fell on several soldiers' polearms that were fighting below.

The two Kings looked at each other and made their way down the hill and towards their camp to make an announcement, the Black King is dead.

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