The history of Leaundeval begins far before its forebearer sailed the Cohme and Mil rivers. When the gods still roamed the land and the giants fought their mighty wars. The tale of the land of Emyr commenced with the nameless people of the sea, a great army of warriors, pirates and fishermen. At their head, leading the way, were the great brothers Atined and Gahadain. None know their story from the sea, a voyage they say lasted 37 springs, and as many autumns.

From their godly lineage, for sure sons of the celestial father Emyr, god of righteous wars, the brothers were the fairest and sharpest men among their brethren. Atined, a stout and grave fellow could cleave ten scoundrels with one ferocious swing of his blade. As for Gahadain, his wit rivaled Fifir’s silver tongued spells. Together they were dangerous to oppose. Behind them an impressive army of seasoned seamen and as many settlers trailed them.

There they fought for many springs and as many autumns against the bear skinned Thovians, ruffians of the worst kind. In the end the brothers prevailed and on the ruins of their last battle, where the ashes of their victory still smouldered, they have set the foundations of the grand city of Cademor.