The canal's traffic had come to a halt as the news of the ship's crash reached the various corners of Isara. The occasional camel caravan could be seen travelling the canalside road. These sort of overland trips were seldom made, but the few merchants who could were clearly taking advantage of the Semperdataria's plight.

The captain was briefed on the events of the latest caucus - several times, in fact. There was no lack of captains who would rather see the Semperdataria set ablaze rather than wait a day. Some offered to help pull the ship out - for the right price. Of course accepting those would be financial ruin for him and especially his crew. Still others genuinely offered help, though none had the capabilities to seriously help dislodge the ship. The captain was thankful for the rules Diamond Pact, the efforts of Admiral Daieth for keeping other ships at arms length, and especially Ambria.

The heavy draft were dispatched from the east and the west ends of the canal in the evening after the caucus. It took half a day of wrangling both the beasts and the politicians. Though considering the normal timeline of bureaucracy, this was a blisteringly fast decision. Blocking one of the busiest waterways in the world was an urgent matter after all.