• Victory in Sight at Glen Morach

    The makeshift campsite in the forest clearing was rife with the sounds of celebration. Soldiers sat at firesides, talking, drinking, joking, and counting themselves lucky to have made it through todays skirmish.

    After several weeks of fighting, the allied forces of Clanns MacCreg, Boiod and Quayle had pushed the Slinieuie men back enough that they had retreated behind the walls of their keep at Glen Morach. A blockade of the front gate and main road was under way. No one in. No one out. It won't be long now before they surrender.

    The leader of the victorious side, Alistir MacCreg, walked through the campsite and stopped every so often to give thanks or share a joke with his men. He could rest easy tonight, but tomorrow, his work would continue

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  • RE: Arrival of Clan Leafhammer

    Kor Leafhammer,

    We apologize for the misunderstanding. There is still much about the world we have to learn.

    There is a small forest to the north of our village. The trees are healthy and the spirits there are kind, though wary of outsiders. That wariness is common throughout our lands, though. This forest is away from the Helians, People of the Six.

    We understand now that you are People of the One. We find comfort in this similarity, because we too are people of a One. Though we are also people of a Many.

    Could you tell us more of the Spark? This sounds familiar to our people. Perhaps we know of the Spark too.

    We wish you safe voyage,
    The Council of Yedounitse

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  • Letter from Dalecara

    To: Helvarin Sir Adam Vansen
    From: King Dan Salmonface

    Dagon smiles upon you, Sir. Aye, I do not doubt that news of the troubles Dalecara is facing have made its way eastward. A state of war is now upon all Dalecarans, and the aggressor is naught but ourselves. It seems that our new found freedom has awoken the beast in many men. To go so long without inter-chieftain war… only for it rear its ugly head when we are so vulnerable.

    Word will soon spread to the eastern lands that I have declared myself King of the Dalecarans. With this declaration, I know I am inviting more violence; yet, I know it will cause some of the weaker chiefs to finally pledge fealty to me. I wage this war not for greed, but for unity. The Dalecarans of old had a history that lasted a thousand years. Their ruthlessness and violence were only ended by a king; with this war I hope to do the same. I move with impunity granted to me by Lord Dagon himself; those who stand in my way will understand Lord Dagon’s wrath… a fate words cannot describe.

    The Dalecarans prospered under the Helians, aye. No man can deny this. That is why I will accept your offer for aid. I will ask much of you here… and I will understand if you cannot deliver it all. Any form of help is appreciated.

    First, I ask that you take my grandson, Dag, a lad of only four and ten, into your protection. It is known that the Torgilings seek to eradicate my bloodline from this world… should my last son and I die in the wars to come, it will be Dag who can carry on our bloodline. Take him as a ward, teach him your proud people’s histories… do anything to ensure he is safe and well guarded. He is a studious and respectful lad; he will not cause you any trouble.

    And secondly, I would have you send me arms. My host is slowly regathering. It seems many scattered at the sight of the Torgilings. But now they come back to me. They too fear Dagon’s wrath. Yet, even with my host regathering, and the men from other chiefs reinforcing us… I fear Torgil Stormsen’s numbers have become superior. I hope it will be the arms of your people that can make a difference. I would have asked you to fight alongside me in the wars to come, aye, that would be a great honor, but the Dalecarans I seek to unite will lend me no credibility if I let foreigners fight them, even if they are great friends.

    I do not ask for all this for free; I would pay you in any way possible. My grandson, Dag, is of marriageable age soon; perhaps a marriage pact could seal this deal. Or perhaps, once I recover my stolen jewels, I can pay you handsomely. You name the price, and we will cooperate.

    I do not keep your gods, and you do not keep mine. But I know Lord Dagon will smile upon you for your friendliness and valour. May the waves protect you, friend.

    Dan Salmonface, King of the Dalecarans

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  • RE: What inspires your lore?

    Oniganche is an amalgamation of many ideas inspired by Indigenous American Peoples, particularly those of North America. Most particularly the Mississipian and the Eastern Woodlands Cultural Groups. I've always loved the artworks, the styles, and of course the Mounds.

    Along with all the ideas above, I'm also inspired by the Copper and Bronze Age of Earth. Many ideas gleaned from these time periods have influenced Oniganche development for sure. From the importance of Obligation to the interconnectivity of the world using a level of tech that doesn't seem like it would be feasible.

    Above all, I've strove to make Oniganche my own. Influenced by Early North American Cultures but not a direct copy of any of them. I never wanted to be a mirror held up to them, and so far I think I've accomplished this. There are direct lines you could draw, like the similarities between my Moch governing system and that of the Iroquois Confederacy (which is sometimes called the Rome of the Americas). Or the similarities between the Raqiwaa Herdsmen and the Wichita, Lakota, or Comanche Peoples (even though the Raqiwaa coexist with Rhinoceros Herds). But even these ideas have become standalone concepts of their own, something im quite happy with.

    As far as my narrative writing goes - I've always been fascinated with ancient cultures who didn't write anything down. We know so little about them, and this is especially true of the Pre-Colonization North America. Entire cultures rose and fell, cities whose influence stretched from Florida to the pacific Northwest, the same City estimated to rival London in population during the 11th Century, all without any real concrete record to show why. I wanted to make a story that mimicked this rise and fall of cultures and civilization, and all the drama that made it happen.

    Anyway, like Mouth said - I can go on and on, and I'm probably just rambling at this point. If anyone ever wants to talk about any of this, just message me on discord!

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  • RE: Kintsugi Rank Ascension

    The Lore Ministry approves of this application.

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  • RE: What inspires your lore?

    Inoa Ranas, as with all of my worldbuilding draws from a great deal of sources, some I'm sure I'm not even aware I'm drawing from. One common source I find myself drawing from is cannibalizing past projects into current lore, an example of which is the Inoan idea of the anatomy of the layered soul.

    Most of my inspiration, however, comes from my various passions and whatever I'm fixated on at the time. One of these is history and various cultures, which I always find interesting. Inoan architecture, for instance, is largely based on a blend of Bronze Age Minoan palaces as well as Polynesian housing, but influences from Greek, Mesopotamian, Egyptian, and even Mayan may creep in at times. Many cultural aspects are also derived from real life history. One such practice comes from the interconnectedness of the Bronze Age world and how major rulers would give personal gifts to one another and celebrate landmark years of eachother's reigns.

    Another major influence of mine is games and literature. For literature, when Inoa Ranas, was still Sa'ardath, it was heavily inspired by the Lovecraftian Dreamlands. This influence has gradually receded, but may still be present. For games, Sunless Sea has an amazing sense of wonder and exploration on the vast sea, as well as a focus on awe-inspiring, fascinating, and absurd environments. Both of these elements I hope to implement in Inoan lore. Another example would be the game Cultist Simulator, whose sense of deep, extensive secret lore and occultism has done wonders for my mythology. Which speaking of, has even more sources of inspiration, like how the Thundersons are derived from Raijin and Fujin as well as Chaac, the Minoan labrys, etc. Or how the Lilyprince's name comes from the famous Minoan fresco, and has many aspects of Bacchus as well as various trickster gods and harvest gods.

    I could honestly go on and on about every little bit of inspiration that makes its way into the lore from pictures, games, literature, history, etc. but I might be rambling at this point. 😛

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  • RE: Kintsugi Rank Ascension

    The Infrastructure Ministry approves.

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  • Clanns of the Credanx

    Ella Credanh is the name of the largest island of the south west sea of Candarion and home to humans known as the Credanx. Culturally and ethnically, the Credanx peoples are almost identical, however power is divided between 10 powerful clanns, each of which have their own small differences and traditions

    Clann MacCaog
    Situated on the far western shores of the island, Clann MacCaog have control over a large section of hilly oak forests. Known for their skilled woodworking and love of nature, the members of this clan tend to be one of the more peaceful areas of the island. The Thegn of this Clann is Manus MacCoag

    Clann MacCreg
    Clann MacCreg have immediate control of the forests in the centre of the island. Through a series of strategic marriages, alliances and skirmishes, the thegn, Alistir MacCreg has managed to exert control over 6 of the other 9 clanns and is leading efforts to unite the entire region under one king

    Clann Boiod
    The Boiod Clann controls the southernmost area of the island known colloquially as ‘The Elbow’. This area is mostly plains and the inhabitants here are known for their large agricultural output. The Thegn of this Clann is Lora Boiod

    Clann Dooinney
    The Dooinney Clann rule over a section of forest in the centre-east. The people here are noted for their high quality textiles. Currently led by Mark Dooinney

    Clann Quayle
    Clann Quayle controls a section of forest near the centre of the island which puts them at somewhat of a crossroads, positioning them between the various trade and peoples which flow north and south. The thegn of this area is Dougal Quayle

    Clann Slineiue
    Much of the western mountains are ruled by Clann Slineiue. Many of the inhabitants here are skilled miners and much of the regions iron and precious gems come from the mountains and hills here. For several years Clann Slineiue and Crosse have been allied against the 5 clanns of the south, resisting the growing power and influence of the MacCreg family. The Thegn of this clann is Cedric Slineniue

    Clann Crosse
    Similar to Clann Slineuie to the west, this family has control over an area of hilly forests and has many mines and quarries in its vicinity. They have had a formal alliance with the Slineuie clann for generations, with both families engaged in war with the 5 southern clanns who are attempting to consolidate power on the island under one king. The thegn of this area is Moira Crosse

    Clann Erenagh
    The inhabitants of the island’s north western pine forests are known for their strong seafaring traditions and love of the ocean. Despite being less isolated and disagreeable than the other two ‘upper clanns’, the Erenagh Clann thegn, Rory Erenagh, has opted to remain independent from the rest of the islands political wrangling.

    Clann Ó Cuilleáin
    The people who inhabit these swampy wetlands are ruled by the Ó Cuilleáin clann. The people here tend to live in huts or houses raised above the bogs and marshes. Inhabitants of this area are known to practice local nature worship. The thegn of this area is Robyn Ó Cuilleáin

    Clann Griogalach
    The swamps and marshes of the far north western part of the island are considerably more wild and difficult to navigate than those found to the east. The Credanx who inhabit this area are notoriously hostile to outsiders and can be quick to anger. Inbreeding has been reported in this clann and as a result, the people here are considered somewhat backward. The thegn of this clann is Willem Grigolach


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  • Dan Salmonface's Letter to the Chiefs of Dalecara

    The following is a primary document from the start of the Dalecaran Unification Wars. It was written by Dan Salmonface, declaring himself King and demanding fealty of the other chiefs that had settled on the Dalecaran peninsula

    All men know me as the Seatamer, the mouth of Lord Dagon, and heir of Halfdan Seatamer.

    Upon my honor, I declare that the actions of Magnus Wavesinger, Gissur Coralcutter, Torgil Stormsen, Ulf Speararm, and Jakob Hookjaw have needlessly soiled our new land with the blood of innocent Dalecarans. Upon my honor, I declare that these men have troubled our standing with Lord Dagon through their greed and wanton raids.

    Therefore, with the blessing of Lord Dagon, I do this day declare myself King of the Dalecarans. No chief shall exist outside the grasp of Lord Dagon’s will; and as his mortal hand, I will enforce that will with the righteous at my command.

    All true men who declare their loyalty will be spared from the wrath I have been charged with executing.

    Written under the sign and seal of Dan Salmonface, King of the Dalecarans.

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  • RE: 5entence A Day: The My5teriou5 I5land

    Sogadar • 12 January, 2021

    Artrahi, that whom causes truths, offers patronage to those who enjoy the most simple pleasures of life.

    They are the cup, its maker, and the one who quaffs to the impermanent delight of the now.

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