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  • A Quiet Evening in the Tavern

    It was a quiet evening in the tavern. Only a few regulars and two of the town guard were quietly sipping their booze by the fire as a bard strummed her lyre quietly. It was a small tavern appropriate for a small village. At one end of the building was the barkeep tidying up, and in the center of the room was a fire surrounded by a few benches and a bearskin rug at the front. Not a lot of traffic, but the locals kept the place running just fine.

    The doors burst open, interrupting the serene scene and in stumbled a samurai and a wealthy young elven woman with pink skin. Everyone jumped to their feet; the lounging guards were first up to help. The boy was cradling his arm and the young woman helped him sit down on the animal skin rug by the fire.

    “What happened?” exclaimed one of the guards as he ran over, he was wearing light leather armor with no helmet. He had longer than average horns and a round face.

    “Our caravan was attacked! Sam and I barely got away!” exclaimed Kichi.

    “Get the Goteni,” said the other guard, and the pretty bard ran out the door. The two elves helped the grimacing Sam take off his armor and put it all in a pile next to him. They also helped him remove the green kimono he had underneath, leaving him wearing only cream colored pants and a flowy shirt. He screamed when they tried to take off the armor on his left hand. The barkeep grabbed a bottle of something strong and let Sam have a swig before they pulled the armor off his hand.
    He yelled again and reached for the bottle when it was finally off. He winced as the burning liquid slid down his throat. Just as he caught his breath, a seemingly older elven man carrying a bag came rushing in. He was wearing a nightgown and had dark purple skin. The man filled the room with aromas of incense and medicine, this was the small town's goteni, a doctor and alchemist. He first went over to Sam and grasped his arm with care.

    “You're alright. I'm here to help,” his voice was steady and reassuring.

    “Please oh gods, tell me it's not broken,” Sam pleaded with the roof of the tavern.

    The doctor took a moment and felt the arm Sam winced as pain shot through it with each gentle touch of the man.

    “What happened to it son?” said the goteni as he continued to examine Sam’s injury.
    “There was a woman, she had an odachi, I was trying to protect Kichi but she was so fast. She grabbed my arm and twisted it. It hurts, I don't know how she was that strong,” he said through struggled breaths.

    “Alright. It doesn't feel broken but to be sure I’m gonna set the bone. Can you grab me a spoon Ruisu?” he said, motioning to the barkeep. The man cut the remaining layer of cloth away from Sam's arm. The bartender grabbed the spoon and handed it to him.

    “Alright, you're going to need to bite down on this for me,” said the doctor, placing a wooden spoon in Sam's good hand.

    Sam winced, took the spoon, and bit down. The doctor reached into his bag and pulled out a bottle with a slimy mixture. He took it and smeared the viscous contents onto Sam's arm. It was a puke green color and smelt like swamp grass and citrus. He tapped the paste at the top of Sam's arm and whispered some strange words, tapping again on the center of his forearm, the sludge took on a hazy glow, the third tap came the base of his wrist, and the goteni blew on it. The sludge hardened and Sam let out a muffled yell, biting down hard on the wooden spoon. The sludge had straightened the bone and muscles into place.

    “There. That should set the sprain. I don't know who you are but you're going to need to take it easy for a few weeks and try to see another goteni to reapply the kyasuto in a week.” Sam spat out the spoon and the man wrapped his arm in white bandages, more to cover the sludge than anything else.

    “Thank you, sir,” Sam said, taking a deep breath.

    “Do you have any other injuries?” the man asked, Sam shook his head, “and how about you miss? Are you alright?” he said, turning to Kichi who had been sitting next to Sam trying to comfort him.

    “I'm fine. I think I hit my head in the crash but nothing major,” she said, rubbing her forehead with her hand. There was a small cut just above her eyebrow.

    “I see. Let me patch that up for you, and I've got something in here for headaches.” He said rummaging in his bag. He pulled out a small vile with a mixture of herbs. Kichi didn't know most of them but could recognize some brilliant orange petals that were from ‘Amber Hana,’ a beautiful flower that grew outside the temple to Emiko. They smell like citrus and rose and tasted sweet with a pleasant sour aftertaste.

    “Oh is that Amber Hana? That makes the best tea.” Said Kichi pointing at the vile. Her distinct refined accent shone through her words. It was evident that this graceful young elven woman was out of place in the musty tavern. The man smiled at her.

    “That's a perceptive eye you have. Here,” he said and gently took Kichi's hand in his, he took some of the mixtures and ground them into a powder in his fingers, he then spread some onto Kichi's fingertips.

    “Just take a few good smells from that if your head starts hurting,” Kichi raised her fingers up to her nose and deeply breathed in. It was a delicate aroma that smelt flowery and pleasant but distinctly medical. Her headache was already doing better as she took several more deep breaths of the mixture.

    “Thank you so much!” Kichi said to the man. Just as everyone began to calm and the dust settled, several men burst into the tavern. They were Samurai and had the royal guard insignia on their chests.

    “Sam. We need to speak to you,” said the one in the center. Sam recognized him as a wealthy noble’s son who got promoted after his brother took a seat in court. Sam carefully stood up and glanced at Kichi. He nodded to her and walked over to speak to the group in private.

    “Sam we are talking to you first out of courtesy. Tell us what in Noriko’s name happened at the caravan” said the noble’s son. He held his arms crossed and stared at Sam expectantly.

    “The caravan was attacked–” Sam began before he was interrupted.

    “We saw that. By who?”

    “There was a group of them. The only one I got a good look at was a woman. It was dark and she was wearing a mask, but I didn't see any kind of insignia on her armor,” Sam said and he began examining the knots in the wood floor.

    “Hrm...” The man took a moment to think. He turned to his compatriots and the one on the left nodded. “Sam,’ the man sighed, “there was also an attack on the Empress. An assassin got all the way to her chambers.”

    “What? Is she okay? What happened?” Sam asked looking back at Kichi.
    “She killed the man but there was a letter on the body,” said the noble's son.
    “Look, it implicated the princess as the one who hired him,” said the man on the left. Sam didn't recognize him.

    “Oh I see,” Sam looked back at his sword and shield on the ground.

    “You can either let us do our job, then come home and get an honorable death or…” he took a deep breath, “you can run and get as far away from us as possible, the princess and her personal guard were taken in the caravan attack,” the man looked Sam deep in his eyes. Sam nodded quietly and turned around and walked towards Kichi. He grabbed his armor and did his best to put it back on over his injured arm, sheathing his sword and strapping his shield to his good arm.

    “What's wrong Sam?” Kichi looked up at him with wide eyes.

    “I'll explain later but,” he took a deep breath to steady himself. He had always promised himself one thing, he would never be a traitor, but, he couldn't let Kichi die.

    “There was an attack on your mother, she's fine but, there was a letter that implicated you. These men are here to kill you unless we run. Now.”

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  • The Princess Journey Part. 2

    “A fire? On the road? But…” She trailed off a moment. She grabbed Sam's hand and peeked out the window. She could see the gentle golden glow flickering in the distance against the deep purple sky. As she peered into the dancing sparks and shadows, she thought she could see a figure embroiled in the heat, becoming clear as it stepped out of the light, a tall armored silhouette wreathed in flame.

    Kichi ducked back into the carriage and grabbed Sam's hand tight.

    “Sam, I saw someone.”

    “What who, do they need help?” Sam stuck his head outside a moment then ducked back in and knocked on the front window.

    “Go,” he said and Hori drove the ibex forward and then started to turn around. The Ibex whinnied and then stood up on its back legs. It ran forward then the car hitched a moment before everything went dark.

    Kichi slowly open her eyes, she was lying on the floor no wait, she was lying on the roof. Her entire body ached especially her head. She tasted copper and could hear the faint sounds of metal clashing against metal. They had been flipped over. Sam got onto his knees then sat up and saw Kichi.

    “Shit.” He breathed “ It's ok I got you.” He said and reached to help Kichi. “Are you alright Princess?” He said scanning her for injuries.

    “Yes.” She took a deep breath. “I'm fine.” She reached up and grabbed her head rubbing her forehead. Everything still felt thick and slow. Sam took a breath and swallowed.

    CLANG! CLASH! Then a shout. A thud and the carriage shook as something was thrown into the side of it.

    “Oh, princess?” Says a voice. It was feminine and raspy, She said it drawn out and with a chuckle.

    “Shhh Stay here please.” Said Sam. He grabbed his shield and put his forearm in the strap and pulled it tight. He maneuvered around Kichi and crawled out of the upside-down carriage.

    As he stood up he looked around to see fire everywhere. The entire caravan was ablaze and the flames were getting closer to Kichis carriage, but not touching it yet. And in the distance, he could see blurry figures pouring heavy dark liquid on the ground. The bodies of Sams's commanding officers were scattered throughout the flams. The sun was just dipping behind the mountains and the flickering orange light was all that was left. The fire was crawling along closer to the trees surrounding the sides of the road as soon as he stepped out it encircled him licking his boots. He could feel the intense heat of the flames juxtaposed against the temperature drop of nightfall. And then his eyes landed on her. She was on fire, her feet, her armor, and her hair, were on fire but all her focus was on Sam.

    “Heh. You don't look like a princess little boy.” Said the woman. She was tall and covered head to toe in armor. Her muscled physique was evident despite it. The hulking figure wore a helm of polished silver, reflecting the flickering flames around her. It was rounded at the top, flaring wide around her neck. Two horns curved from the back of her head, plated in more silver, ornately carved with patterns of flames. The front, rather than flaring like the rest, left a wide-open trapezoid-shaped space to the face. And what a horrendous site the face was. A crimson mask glared out of the opening, its mouth curled in a snarling grin, fangs protruding from the corners of the lips. It projected confidence, a sick pleasure, and doom for all those who met its terrifying gaze. And she wielded a ginormous two-handed katana.

    “Fuck off.” Sam spat at her.

    “I’d say I don't wanna hurt you but that's a lie. Gimme your best shot kiddo.” She said and she raised her hand, palm towards the sky, and curled her fingers, taunting him to come forward.

    Sam yelled and rushed the woman with his shield. He lifted up his arm and jammed the spiked bottom into the woman's chest. He swung his sword up and hit the side of her arm clashing into the pauldron on her shoulder. The woman lurched backward.

    “A shield is a little boy’s weapon.” She laughed then lifted up her sword above her head and swung. She was fast and terrifying as she swung over and over again her long sword twirling and dancing around her body. The fire reflecting on the sharp blade. With each swing, Sam rose his shield, and a clang of metal radiated throughout the quiet forest as night fell. Sam yelled out with each hit the force radiated throughout his body. Even though his desperate deflections to keep the blade away, a fire of anger ignited in his belly. She was toying with him. Using the rage as a focus and predicting her next strike, he readied his own blade. Again the sword clashed against his shield with a metal clang, but rather than resisting the blow he stepped to the side, letting the force carry away from him, forcing the woman to stumble. Sam swung his sword, slicing under her arm but again colliding with the plate.

    “Maybe not so little after all!” the woman laughed as she quickly recovered, her fist colliding with Sam's face, knocking him backward. He landed on the ground hard and before he could catch his breath he raised his shield just in time to block her blade as it swung down on top of him. He rolled out of the way of another swing and scrambled to his feet on the other side of her. The woman looked at him a moment then she saw Kichi poke her head outside the carriage. She took a few steps forward toward the princess.

    “No!” Sam yelled and charged forward with his shield again. The woman chuckled and raised up her sword but not in time before Sam jammed the spike into her chest again. She stumbled back and took a breath. She spit on the floor and laughed.

    “Alright, no more playtime.” She decisively stepped forward and grabbed Sam's sword arm. He tried to move his wrist to strike at her but before he could his arm was wrenched into an unnatural bend behind him. A scream erupted from Sams's lips as he fell to the ground. The woman laughed, then dropped him and continued on her path to the Princess.

    Out of the burning corpses a figure struggled to stand up, the blonde guard from earlier, now bloody and his helmet broken revealing his terrified face, raised a broken plank of wood and crashed it against the woman's head. He unsheathed a dagger from his thigh. The woman lurched forward and snapped her head to the other guard. She growled and quickly snapped her sword up, catching the elf in his unarmored throat. But his distraction had not been in vain. The princess was gone, as was the foolish boy, lost in the billowing black smoke of the burning caravan.

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  • The Princess's Journey Part. 1

    “I want you on your best behavior, no tricks, no shenanigans. Are we understood?” the elven woman sternly asked her daughter. The woman pursed her lips and brushed her silver hair out of her eyes to rub the wrinkles on her forehead. The woman was draped in extravagance and every movement was deliberate and graceful. The young woman rolled her eyes, the black irises, and her dusty pink skin a striking image in the dark elven Empire of Kintsugi. She shook her head slightly, exasperated, a few unruly thin black strands of hair sticking to her face, the rest styled up in a delicate bun.

    “Yes mother, I promise to be positively perfect,” Kichi said glibly. Her mother paused for a moment, pulling her aside and leaning in close.

    “I love you my little sakura. Go out and fulfill your responsibility to the empire, be the radiant beacon of hope our people know you as, and of course, have fun” she said, placing a gentle hand on her daughter's cheek, silver bangles clanging and sparkly rings shining in the morning sun. Kichi cradled her mother's hand and said,

    “I love you too mom.” Aia smiled at her, released her face, and nodded to the man who stood just behind Kichi. The man helped her into the elegant carriage waiting for them. Aia waved at them as they set off.

    With two mundane carriages on either end, the royal carriage was sandwiched in the middle, with intricate red and gold designs and the Empire’s insignia on the doors. Each carriage was pulled by a beautiful ibex, its horns adorned in gold filigree. The inside had two seats sitting across from each other, they had red velvet cushions the height of comfort and elegance. Kichi sat on one side her guard on the other. Behind the guard's head was a curtain covering a window to communicate with the carriage driver. Kichi lounged in the carriage, sitting across the seat resting her head on the window and her shoes crossed on the fine velvet.

    “She’s out of sight, so you can breathe again Sammy,” she said, turning to the man sitting across from her. Sam was a young elven man. He had light grey skin and long black hair which was in a high ponytail at the top of his head. He was wearing all his soldier getup. His left arm was heavily plated and he had a large shiny breastplate. His right arm only had chainmail. He also had heavy plates on his shins. He carried with him a shield which sat beside him on the seat. A Pavis shield he had told Kichi, it covered his whole left side and had a dent so that his arm could fit snugly inside. At the end was a sharp metal spike and the front was painted with the royal insignia. Sam also had a katana at his side. In his right hand, he carried his helmet.

    “You know she doesn't like us talking. I don't want to get you in trouble,” He said with a sigh.

    “Pshh. Hush now, the two guys in the back, their new right?”

    “They were hired last week, recently graduated I'm told.” He said.

    “Haha!’ Kichi laughed. “Perfect! Let's play a game at lunch, we should make them feel welcome,” said Kichi with a smirk and a giggle. Sam groaned and shook his head.

    The princess was traveling to visit the city of Pinku No Umi, famed for the brilliant cherry trees planted all around the city. It was a two-day journey from Agsuma. She planned to arrive a day before Hanami when everyone in the city gathers around the trees to watch the blossoms fall. It's an honor for the city to host the princess and she will be treated with the greatest respect. Kichi is most looking forward to the revelry when the sun goes down when she can drink sake and dance till the sun rises.

    After a few hours of discussing the upcoming holiday and the best ways to win tic tac toe, the carriage slowed to a stop. Sam clumberd out of the carriage first then helped Kichi step out ever so gracefully. Everyone was out of their carriages and two guards stood at either end of the caravan while a young elven woman set up a fire and started cooking. Soon the smell of roasting salmon wafted through the camp. A few of the guards set up makeshift tables and chairs including Sam. They had stopped just outside of a small fishing village by Funadama’s river. It was a hot day the blistering sun beat down on them, and the salt spray from the river was a refreshing gift from the gods. Kichi could hear fish splashing in the water, children playing inside the village, and most importantly her stomach growling. Kichi pulled up four chairs to her table and slyly walked over to the two new guards. They were dressed in full armor and had katanas at their side, along with a distinct lack of shields. They stood facing the lake.

    “Hello good sirs,” she said and tapped one on his shoulder. He jumped and pivoted around to face Kichi. He stepped backward, eyes wide as the moon. His friend turned around and bowed his head. He nudged his friend in the ribs and the man bowed. Kichi gave a small bow with her head.

    “Are you two new I don’t believe we've met?” The two hesitantly lift their heads and the blonde on the left says
    “Uh-Yes ma'am we both arrived last week.”

    “Mhmm, Me too. What can we do for you Princess Kichi.” said the brunette on the right. Kichi giggled.

    “Well, I like knowing the people who are valiantly protecting me. Myself and Sammy were going to play cho-han. Would you care to join us?”

    “Would you like us too?” said the brunette, a tremble in his voice.

    “Of course!” said Kichi with a laugh. She turned around and marched to her table where Sam was sitting holding a cup and absently mildly shook it. The boys cautiously followed. Kichi took her seat next to Sam and the two guards sat down.

    “What is your name good sir,” Kichi said sweetly to the brunette boy sitting beside her.
    “Ike ma’am.” He said.

    “Ike, that's a beautiful name.” She said and patted the boy's arm. “It's been a while since I've played. Hopefully, I haven't lost my edge.” She said with a giggle. Sam rolled his eyes.

    “Do you bet m’lady?” Said the blonde guard.

    “Of course! It's no fun unless there's a risk.” She said,

    “Of course not.” Said Sam under his breath.

    “Oh hush,” She said, pawing at the bamboo cup Sam was holding.

    “I'm putting up three copper on odd” Said Sam placing three copper coins in front of him.

    “Only three? You are no fun, my friend.” Said Kichi. “I'll place three gold on odd. She said and tossed three gold coins on the table. The two guards sat up and stared at Kichi in disbelief.

    “I think I’ll go five copper on even? Said the blonde.

    “I'll take five copper on even as well,” Said the brunette looking at Kichi. Sam shook the cup and then slammed it face down on the table. He carefully lifted it up to reveal a six-face and a three, no wait a two-face. Only Sam noticed the small gesture the princess made as the three suddenly settled onto a two. Kichi giggled gleefully as she took back her three gold and her guards’ copper. The game continued for several more rounds and Kichi won every time without fail. The new guards, now short a day's wages, sulked back to their carriage now aware of Kichi's legendary luck. Kichi and Sam head back to the carriage after eating lunch.

    They set off again and as they traveled Sam fell asleep. Kichi leaned forward and poked her head out through the front curtain.

    “AH! Oh hello princess what can I do for you?” Said the carriage driver as she composed herself.

    “Oh well my guard fell asleep so I wonder if you could engage in a little conversation with me. It's so dreadfully boring to travel.“ Kichi said settling into a more comfortable position.

    “Of course ma’am.” The carriage driver said with a swallow. There was a pause before Kichi said,

    “What's your name dear?”

    “Oh, it's Hori.” The woman was a short elf with dark purple skin that glistened in the dusk light.

    “Hori. That's a lovely name. How did you like being a driver? You must be pretty skilled to get this job,” said Kichi.

    “Uhm. Yes, I’d hope so. I like driving fine. It's what my mom did and I like ibex a lot.”

    “Your mother was a driver too? Did she teach you?”

    “Yes. I used to go with her when I was little. I started driving on my own when I was about 15.”

    “That's so young! How'd you go to school while going on long trips?”

    “I had to stop going to school when my mom got real sick. I take care of the family now.” Kichi paused for a moment and looked at the floor. She frowned and said,

    “Do you miss your family when you go on long trips like this?”

    “Yes very much. But it's a good job and pays well enough so my siblings don't have to work.” Said Hori, she said with a small smile.

    “That's good. I’m sorry about your mom,” said Kichi solemnly.

    “Thank you, princess.” Said Hori. Kichi ducked back into the carriage. Inside she found Sam yawning awake and stretching. Kichi sat back and stared out the window as the sun fell below the mountains and she fell asleep.

    Kichi was jerked awake, as the carriage suddenly stopped. The Ibex began huffing and crying. Sam was already awake and stepped outside the carriage motioning for Kichi to stay inside. The head guard came over and spoke with Sam for a moment. Sam climbed back inside and said,

    “There's a fire on the road ahead is all, they're going to scout ahead and see what's up. I'll stay in here with you.”

    “A fire? On the road? But…” She trailed off a moment. She grabbed Sam's hand and peeked out the window. She could see the gentle golden glow flickering in the distance against the deep purple sky. As she peered into the dancing sparks and shadows, she thought she could see a figure embroiled in the heat, becoming clear as it stepped out of the light, a tall armored silhouette wreathed in flame.

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  • RE: Applications Ministry Candidacy (May to August 2022)

    After serving several terms in the applications ministry I’d like to put my name forward to run as applications minister. I plan to continue pushing out regular advertisements as well as looking for ways to expand our reach. Please let me know if you have any questions. Should anyone run against me I will put forward a formal plan of action. 😄

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  • Realm Rank Ascension: Thalassagorod (Rank 0 > Rank 1)

    Realm Name: Thalassagorod

    Current Rank: 0

    Rank Desired: 1

    Build Count Total: 46

    Specialized Count Total: 24

    List of settlements/locations with build and specialized counts

    Thalassagorod - Build Count: 11 Specialized Count: 10

    Yeah I may have avoided doing most of my interiors 😕
    All of these are specialized , bar one labourers lodgings

    Serobriv & surrounding - Build Count: 35 Specialized Count: 14

    pictured are the 14 specialist buildings, there are also x16 generic houses, x2 labourers lodgings and x3 farmshack/farmsupply buildings

    Wiki (like 5500 words long):álassagorod-tyrannyálassagorod-opportunity

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  • Kintsugi land claim 2

    I'm looking to expand. I have found a beautiful lush cave in the new generation and I wanna start building there. I'm looking to do a new settlement that is slightly separate from the current nation. It's going to be a mining town and slum city inspired by Zaun from Arcane. I'd also like to note that the place I'm planning on building is underground so I really hope this encompasses all of the claim but I ask for a bit of leeway if I missed anything small.
    If anyone would like to see how well I've used my current claim I'd be happy to give a tour 😄

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

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  • Flames of Rebellion

    alt text

    “He eats food like everyone else, there’s no way he’s really a god.” said a fat man wearing a coat in a rather ugly shade of puke green, sitting at the far left of the table. Next to him was a tall and skinny elven maiden with so much silver jewelry she jangled as she spoke.

    “Their little assistant was covering for them taking a nap yesterday. Last I checked gods don’t sleep,” she said in a nasally tone.

    “Even if he was a god, they’re incompetent as a leader. Trust me, our plan will go off without a hitch and we’ll be on top of this shithole in no time,” said a lean and lanky bald man with a long angular face, seated at the head of the table. The others nodded in agreement. With the echo of footsteps approaching the door, the topic of conversation was quickly switched to lunch.

    The six figures sat at the large table, an obsidian chandelier dangled overhead. At one end of the table sat the bald man wearing a sneer, sitting on the edge of an expensive-looking red throne. The fat man and tall maiden sat at one side along with an empty chair and three other expensively dressed individuals sat at the other. At the foot of the table, a pair of heavy doors adorned the entrance to the hall. The golden handle turned and the doors were swung open. An impressive figure strode into the room.. He stood heads taller than everyone in the room and was draped in a cloak of minx fur and wore a fine silk shirt. They had light gray skin and piercing gold eyes framed by long white hair, with large gold jewelry adorning their horns and ears, and down their neck. Following behind him was a woman with obsidian purple skin, the sides of her head shaven and her hair styled into a vicious mane. A large two-handed curved sword was strapped to her back. She was wearing full plate armor. She stopped just inside, firmly closing the doors and barring the exit from the occupants.

    Yakeru stopped at the foot of the table and met the eyes of the man on the red throne. They smirked and chuckled to themselves. He paused for a moment, surveying the crowd and making eye contact with each of them.

    “I’ve heard a little rumor,” they said with a voice dripping with condescension and poise. Yakeru began to stalk around the room, “that some of you are, concerned about the state of our operations.” They overemphasized their words, speaking clearly and slowly.

    “There’s no need to treat us like children,” interrupted the man on the red throne. Yakeru’s stride hitched as they snickered.

    “I’ve heard that some of you don’t think I’m fit for my position. That you, the administrators of our mines, would somehow be better suited,” he continued, not changing his tone, “and that behind my back you insult me.” He leaned between the fat man and the tall woman, his movements slow and predatory. The two trembled slightly, refusing to meet his gaze even as he drew away.

    “Some of you traitorous rats don’t believe I am who I say I am,” they said, this time sharply, as they stopped beside the crimson throne.

    “Well, how about a little demonstration, shall we?” he said, clapping a hand around the bald man’s shoulders, leaning in to meet his eyes. With a flick of their wrist, every light in the room was extinguished, the flames coalescing at a single small point in the center of the table. The people at the table all sat up straight and a few hurriedly whispered to each other, the light and shadow only providing glimpses of the others’ expressions. Yakeru smirked and from the flame formed a small flicking figure. It was a woman happily dancing. From the group rose a few reassured sighs. As the dance continued they laughed and awed, relaxing in the presence of the show of beauty. The fat man reached his hand out trying to touch the figure.

    “Wow, this is incredible!” Said the fat man. Yakeru’s lips curled into a smile.

    “Why, thank you Haafu,” Yakeru said to the fat man, and tightened his grip on the bald man’s shoulder, not diverting his attention. The bald man attempted to move away but Yakeru held him down with superhuman strength.

    “I love fire. It’s so lovely, wouldn't you say so, Itachi?" said Yakeru to the bald man.

    “Yes, yes, the party trick was very impressive,” Itachi said and moved his hand to pry off Yakeru. Yakeru dug their nails into his shoulder and their smile fell. He grasped the Itachi’s wrist and pinned it to the table, palm facing the ceiling. The woman made of fire stopped dancing and began walking towards Itachi.

    “Alright, you can let me go now you’ve made your point,” blustered Itachi panic leaking in his voice. With a graceful leap, the flaming figure landed in Itachi’s hand, splashing into blue flames that coated his palm. He shouted out in pain as the fire seared his flesh.

    “I’ve made my point huh?” Yakeru said as if speaking to a petulant teenager, staring daggers into each of the other five. He ignored the whimpering Itachi as his hand began to blacken. “I just thought I’d remind you all of my generosity, the hospitality I have granted you by inviting you into my home. Without me, you’re rats scavenging for scraps. You’d due well to not forget again.” The fire jumped from Itachi’s hand back to the lights in the room, the display over. He released his hand from Itachi’s shoulder and instead grabbed the back of his head and slammed it into the table.

    “Oh, and Itachi, get the fuck out of my chair.” He said before turning his heel and marching out of the room with his guard following with a smirk. Itachi cradled his branded hand and shakily vacated Yakerus’s throne.

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  • RE: okmillennial's application

    Nice, 3/5

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  • RE: Cynth's Application

    You’re invited to join me in Thálassagorod, a magical and deeply troubled republic. I’ve got plenty of building materials and resources that any realm member can access and some fairly in depth but open ended lore that should let any future vassal get straight into their building and write.


    Check out my section of the wiki for more lore:
    I’m in GMT(UK) time and mostly active during the weekend but if you’d like a tour or even just someone to ask random questions about the server to, feel free to send me a message (I’m Mansquid(Jon) on the discord).

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  • RE: Cynth's Application

    5/5 nice app

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