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  • RE: Mansquid Rank Ascension (Knight-> Baron)

    As with Uavi, Mansquid has been an outstanding member of Obrexia, bringing so much to the table, both in regards to lore as well as builds. He has done outstanding work in Hammerholme, and I really think that that level of building is something that most of us can aspire to. He has certainly proven himself worthy, in my eyes at the very least. His lore is longer form, but I don't think that should count against him. I wholeheartedly support his advancement to Baron, and like with Uavi, I will fistfight anyone who besmirches him.

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  • Merchant Wars Vol 2, 1SC {Rewrite}

    Hawkson sat quietly in his office in his manor on Hawk’s Landing. There was much to be done, but of course there was never enough time to finish it all. His father’s passing had left many problems that needed to be ironed out before things could move forward, and while he was slowly chipping away at the mountain, it seemed like someone was dumping more and more atop it.

    Silently, Caspian slipped into the room from his post by the door just outside. Taking a moment to fill out the last bit at the bottom of the page he was on, Hawkson then looked up with a single brow raised in question. Caspian cleared his throat a bit before saying, “Your grace, Merchant Lord Ajaxin is here to see you. I believe it is about the little council that we had been informed about before, but the Stailceoir haven’t had much time to dig in just yet.”

    Caspian had been referring to the many missives that had been sent to him regarding the council that had been convened only a couple weeks prior. Most institutions in Obrexia moved at a snail’s pace compared to the Throne, as the Ruler there in had the ability to command work be done instantly, regardless of previous projects. His father had been a weak Ruler and had ceded much in the name of unity. Hawkson agreed that there would indeed be unity, under his own terms and no others. He was the Ruler, and while he would be kind to those that needed it, he would not hesitate to demolish those that dared to stand in his way.

    Ajaxin, however, was a thorn in his side, a pebble in his shoe rather, something that required little time and effort to remove, but was annoying none the less. This particular pebble had to be dealt with in such a way that didn’t encourage dozens of other pebbles to jump into his boots, just because they could. With a hand pressed to the bridge of his nose, and an audible sigh escaping his lips, Hawkson said, “See him in, but let it take a few minutes. He has no power here, and he needs to be reminded of that. Please also see some refreshments are brought up right past him, only one cup though.”

    Caspian, while amused, had a slightly concerned look on his face, saying “Are you sure it is wise to so blatantly antagonize him, your grace? He can cause widescale economic disruption, even if it would cost him greatly to do so.” Caspian held his Ruler in the highest esteems, as expected of the Stailceoir’s Voice, but that didn’t put him out of the way of reproach, especially when it was simply the two of them in private.

    Hawkson gave a nod at that, saying “I am sure, Caspian. He will be incensed at this, and he will know it is intentional from the beginning. If anything, that will just make him angrier. Angry men act irrationally, and we will find his mistakes much easier. Please also send the order to get everything that we can, I wouldn’t put it past him to try and depose me, not that there would be peace afterwards, there is no Heir yet.” Caspian gave a quick nod, before setting out to perform the tasks set before him.

    Roughly ten minutes later, a fuming Ajaxin was allowed into the office, having watched a platter being brought past him, and yet receiving nothing in turn. His first look in the office cemented this anger in his heart, well past where it had been upon his arrival today. He had hoped to bend this Ruler even tighter than his father, but it seemed that wasn’t to be. No, he would instead work towards a new goal, getting this boy off of the Throne.

    Hawkson, to his credit, didn’t even look up from his paperwork. Simply saying “Sit,” as he continued to read, and sip at his tea. Ajaxin, though incensed, calmly sat in the chair, all the while declaiming expletives in his mind. It took another couple of minutes before Hawkson sat his current page aside, and asking “So, what do I have the pleasure of being disturbed about today, Ajaxin?”

    The lack of any title was the single most annoying thing to Ajaxin yet today. He very nearly lost it, with his face turning a nice shade of red. The only thing that helped him hold onto the edge was that he knew this was a game being played, and that it was all entirely intentional. He took a calming breath, before saying, “The merchant council has decided that we will no longer be using many of your ports, for they lack what we need, and the taxes levied upon us are too great. We are open to negotiation, however. That must include that you cease your prodding of us refined and noble members.” He seemed to be picking up steam, getting his demands out on the table, and he continued with “And, you will personally present the dignity that we…”

    Ajaxin was unable to continue, as Hawkson chose that point to interrupt, saying “No.”

    This completely broke Ajaxin. He had the look of someone that took a face first tumble into a brick wall, the colour once more rising to his face, this time skipping straight past red and going to purple. He couldn’t stop himself this time from exclaiming aloud, “What do you mean no?! This isn’t up for debate, Hawkson. You will bow to us, or your nation will starve!”

    Hawkson kept the calm look upon his face, though his eyes now had a certain predatory quality about them, coming awfully close to his namesake. He continued by saying, “I mean what I said, Ajaxin. No. You will gain no ground in this conversation, and you will not bend me a single degree. My father was a weak man, someone you wrung concessions out of, but you shall not do the same to me. Now, if there is nothing else, I have more important matters to attend to, like my lunch, or my meeting with Lady Darley, who is looking to broker a deal with the Throne for her wonderful wine.” Hawkson punctuated the line with a sip of his cup, as well as a bit of a bit of bread, that had been stacked with a bit of cheese and meat.

    Ajaxin was speechless in his rage, having gone all but completely numb to the world. He managed to calmly stand, before walking out of the office, not once looking back.

    High above the room, in the corner of a bookshelf, an actual Hawk’s gave never left the retreating man, but upon the door closing, shook her head. Hawkson could feel her mirth through their bond, giving her a smile from where he sat at his desk, saying, “Don’t worry Helena, this unpleasantness will be over soon. Care for some rabbit?” At that she swooped down, alighting upon his shoulder, and snatching the piece that he had been bringing to his own mouth, before gobbling it down whole. Hawkson just shook his head, before grabbing another slice for himself.

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  • Merchant Wars Vol 1, 1SC, {Rewrite}

    Though it hadn’t been long since Hawkson had assumed the seat of the Rulership, they were making large waves throughout the realm. Sanctions on merchant houses, even those of the Merchant Lords wasn’t making him any friends and was in fact making him many enemies all around Obrexia. These people already had money of course, and they were used to the uncaring hand of his father.

    They would not find this in Hawkson, ever. Though he loved his father, his style of governance was lackadaisical at best, and outright dangerous at worst. Hawkson wanted to step in and improve Obrexia, and not let it crumble into ruin, as it had been under his father, and his before him. That nepotism had festered within his line for many generations, being so close to the throne had corrupted their minds. Hawkson was of an entirely different disposition. His time spent fostering among the Daoine had shown him a different side to the world, and traveling through the settlements of the Artaire Forest had been eye-opening, especially as he did so in the garb of a traveler, and with only his familiar, Helena, at his side. What he found was poverty, and merchants and lords alike strangling the populace dry.

    Thus, he set out to change things. The comet bringing about the great change that it heralded, but this change came from within, not without. Hawkson cracked down on the illegal activity of the Merchant Lords first, their political power bought instead of gained familial was an altogether easier target than the entrenched nobles.

    Merchant Lord Ajaxin, leader of the Obrexian Merchant Council, head of the Merchants Guild, called their assembly to order with the bang of a gavel. He sat upon an embroidered chair, nicer than the rest, though this seems like it wasn’t for lack of trying on the parts of others. When he spoke, his great jowls bounced about the place, but not a single person present would dare to laugh. Once everyone had settled themselves, he said “This Merchant Council has been convened because this Hawkson overreaches! His father and I had agreements, and he is not upholding them.” Left unsaid was the mention that anything said to Hawkson was gratuitously marked up from where they had been under his father. “This is a disgrace to our esteemed selves, and I for one will not stand for it!”

    This exclamation would resonate with some of the other minor lords and merchants in the chamber, but most of the other members of the high council were unfazed. Merchant Lord Sewel White was stirred into a great frenzy than he had been before, shouting “These Stailceoir cut into our operations! They stop the flow of coin and goods searching for ‘contraband’” taking the time to raise his fingers and air quoting the word contraband to show his emphasis. “It is only a few slaves here and there, and some other, substances, shall we say. What right does he have to hamper us so?”

    One of the newer, younger, Merchant Lords named Farel Lond, chimed in next, “I wholeheartedly agree my Lords! There is a grave overreach occurring, and we must do our best to stop it!” He nodded to emphasize his point, but anyone looking closely enough would be more than able to see that he had lost of bit of his colour at the thought of opposing the highest power in the land, even if that power hadn’t been used to its full potential in the last few Rulers.

    Merchant Lord Uriel Staph has no such problem expressing his worry, however, saying “Are you sure Lord Ajaxin? Must it come to this?” It came out as barely more than a whisper, for the man was a known coward, and the only reason he spoke out now was that poking the bear that was Lord Ajaxin was still a safer path than poking the dragon that was the Throne, and the Ruler that sits in it.

    Merchant Lady Evaline Darley, not cowardly in the slightest, spoke up in support of Uriel, saying “For once, I agree with him. You must be crazy to take such an action to oppose the Ruler! We are the ones overstepping at this point, and you are insane for not seeing that. Hawkson seeks to expand his dominion, and you think we can even stand up to that for a minute?”

    Her calm reasons seem to enrage Sewel even more, with him spitting out, “And why should we even listen to a wench like you, you didn’t get here of your own power!” The sexist remark souring Evaline’s face a bit, but she kept her composure in the face of the beast.

    “I would like to know who in this room was able to get here of ‘their own power’. Not a single person in this room made it to this position without the help of their family. My father established the Darley Wine company, and even expanded into a second location before his passing, but I have turned those two locations into eight. I would like to see who in this room has quadrupled their business, because I know it is very few indeed, and you Sewel White, don’t even make that list.” Evaline finishes her wine in a single swig, before slapping it back down onto the table.

    Ajaxin takes this moment to reassert his power over the conversation, saying “Now now, there is no need to fight amongst ourselves. We have a common enemy, and I shall brook no opposition to this matter. We will remove you should you continue to be in defiance, Lady Darley. Now, unto the…”

    He is unable to finish his sentence before Evaline interrupts, saying “There will be no need to remove me, I recuse myself from this disaster of a council. I will make sure to buy up all of your failed ventures after this storm passes.” As she rises, an unassuming servant breaks away from the wall where he was standing, grabbing her coat before placing it upon her, and then rushing to open the doors of the hall.

    Ajaxin just snorts, as if expecting this outcome, before continuing, saying “Now, the vote. All in favor?” All hands rise, though some noticeably more reluctant than others. Ajaxin’s grin grows as wide as a shark, as he says to himself, “Excellent…”

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  • Disable Enderman Griefing Vote

    The discussion of this topic can be found here:

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    April 18th, 2021
    Many druidic circles can act as shelters for animals when disaster comes upon the region. The animals are then blessed and sent back out so that they can repopulate the area.

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  • RE: Uavi Rank Ascension (Knight -> Baron)

    Infrastructure Ministry Approves

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    April 17th, 2021
    Many Obrexian ships will often have ship animals, who are communally looked after, and used as a source of comfort and familiarity on long sea voyages. Wolfdogs, Hunting Hounds, and many varieties of cats are common in this position.

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    April 16th, 2021
    Recently, there have been sightings of a cult, operating out of somewhere in the Artaire Forest.

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