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  • RE: Eyes of the Sunken Hold- Part Three: awake.

    Fabulous writing. I want more!

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  • RE: Sen7ence A Day (April 2021)

    April 16th, 2021


    Forgotten whispers of the past echo throughout the halls of the sanctuaries of the sector of Caeseus, heard only by the most devout, the lost souls, and the dirtiest of the sinners...

    He that hath an evil eye, let him be ashamed; Caeseus a cresciou.

    He that hath the ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches; Caeseus a cresciou.

    Some say it to be a foreshadowing, others, decree it is already too late...

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  • RE: Astronomy of Candarion

    @ielis Yes, this is correct, good point. I think we should probably cut that bit of the lore, then.

    @ChewyPudding @Darius The five innermost planets (Mercury through Saturn) have been known since ancient Babylon in 2000 BC! While planetary physics may not have been fully understood, the ancient Greeks had several heliocentric models of the solar system and knew that the planets were orbiting bodies. The color of planets can also be distinct enough to differentiate them from stars (eg. Mars). So, as Seppy said, we don't need telescopes to be able to identify and study planets, though of course we wouldn't expect anyone to understand the finer points of their physics and compositions.

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  • RE: Astronomy of Candarion

    @chewypudding I believe planets were identified and observed first around the 16th and 17th centuries if I recall correctly, with Galileo Galilei. If we are willing to make an exception for us to be able to identify planets in our 15th century era, considering this is not Earth but rather a completely different world, I would accept that. Even with the use of magic of sorts. I don't see it being anything that would be of any real significance / lore breaking.

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  • RE: Astronomy of Candarion

    Hey all, I'm making an astronomy chart and would love to get a consensus on planets! The following list is based on a previous discussion on discord (credit to @Alexrk) but I would love to finalize this and hear any dissenting opinions.

    Planet 1
    Color: royal blue with yellow poles
    Size: small
    Visibility: low
    Being the closest to the sun, it is often obscured by sunsets and sunrises and lies close to the horizon. When it is clearly visible, however, it is a brilliant lapis lazuli luminescence in front of a faint golden halo. Its extremely short year, being so close to the sun, makes it appear to zip from place to place between clear nights.

    Planet 2
    Color: Changes between a light teal and deep blue to a bright orange and yellow.
    Size: medium
    Visibility: high
    The tumultuous, thick, and swirling gaseous atmosphere of this terrestrial planet causes light to reflect highly variably, resulting in the changing colors. Additionally, its orbit is at a much different degree than that of Candarion's world. This mean on one hemisphere it is not seen for one third of the year, high overhead for another, and in between for the rest. All in all it is a body of flux and flamboyance, shining bright in the night skies.

    Planet 3
    That's us, silly!

    Planet 4
    Color: lavender
    Size: medium
    Visibility: medium
    This planet is relatively large for a terrestrial planet, and its moon is large in proportion. This causes it to partially eclipse the planet occasionally, creating an almost unnoticeable crescent shape.

    Planet 5
    Color: white (blue tinted)
    Size: large
    Visibility: high
    White with a blue tint, this jovial planet looks remarkably like the north star. This becomes problematic when its orbit brings it close to the north star, confusing novice navigators into believing it is the north star and becoming lost. Look for its unflickering gaze.

    Planet 6
    Color: purple
    Size: large
    Visibility: low
    While large and in unusually royal purple, its distance makes it rather faint in the sky. It has a dark spot, but this can't be seen from Candarion.

    Ps. I would like to propose adding rings to the lavender planet 🙂

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  • RE: Quotes of Candarion (NSFW)

    "Roll to see if you swoon from my 15 inch asshole"

    -Lawn, running a rpg

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  • RE: Gestelmore's Application (See The Bastards of Eek-Wai)

    Your application was super unique and I really liked it! 2/5

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  • RE: Bastards of Eek-Wai Take Two: Gimpfried

    Your application was super unique and I really liked it! 2/5

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  • RE: Irenic's Application (See Bastards of Eek-Wai)

    Your application was super unique and I really liked it! 2/5

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  • RE: Disable Enderman Griefing

    @iokastos disabling mobgriefing would lead to villager breeders / auto farms being obsolete.

    Ghasts can be used for auto farms, although I dont believe one has tried making one yet. Withers can farm wither roses or whatever those flowers are called.

    I think specifying is still important. I support the enderman griefing clause.

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