To the Monsieur le Fils d’Oiseau, Sovereign of the Northern Coast and Valued Ally:

I am glad to hear this news, and allow me to express my gratitude for your generous gift. I shall take this opportunity as well to reaffirm your desires for our relations; it is my hope to be as agreeable to you and your people as, it seems, my father was. If you ever find yourself passing through Martoise, I hope you will visit my estate, that we may meet in person and not merely through the exchange of words on a page.

As you seem to be assembling quite a coalition of nations for our common task, I believe it would be prudent to hold a diplomatic summit, by means of which we all may speak in person and discuss our tactical and diplomatic strategy. If you think this would be wise, I urge you to invite all participants to a suitable meeting ground of your choice.

May this letter find you in good health and glad spirits. May the light of Ántou shine eternally on the lands of the Obrex.

Jean-Pierre Challant, le Comte du Martoise

Postscript: As for your clergy, they are welcome in our lands, but I must advise them to refrain from public displays of worship -- lest they seek to be hung as heretics by an incensed mob.