Creation Log #7,641

  • Baron

    (six years before the end of the War of Blood)

    Another golem, another variation of words. Experiment after experiment, yet there is nothing. The Well batters me directly now, it ignores the mancipium. I cannot hold out much longer. It is with my last hope that I create this golem.

    Test #7,641

    Size: 3 meters
    Material: Red Clay
    Harvested Organic: Pumpkin
    Runes: “Life”
    Parchment: “Truth"

    It worked. I cannot believe it worked. He awoke, his eyes lit by golden orbs. Thinking he was nothing but a failure, just as the maddened mancipium eyes glow gold, I was about to sever the connection. Yet when I went to, the connection was gone, the golem was fully awake. As I turned my attention back to the golem, he spoke.

    “Father, was this wise?”

    It sounded like gravel grinding against itself, the rumbling of rocks as the clay fought to make itself heard. I stood, too shocked to move or speak. The golem gazed at me, worry clear in its expression.

    At last, words came to my throat. “Yes, yes my son!”

    An instinct, a feeling I had never felt before consumed my body. It felt like I was a passenger, detached, watching from afar as I embraced the golem. Was this what having a son was like? Giving birth? The connection was strong, but I had to ensure I was stronger. Wrenching control of my body back, I stepped away from the golem.

    “You will be named Adam, after the red clay I molded you from. You are an emancipium, a golem with free will. You are my child, and I am your father.”

    The golem’s- Adam’s eyes widened, his expression turning into one of delight, the pumpkin that formed his head shaping the mouth into a smile. “Thank you, father!”

    In the days since, I have closely observed his behavior. Adam behaves much like a child, perhaps of six or seven years of age. His vocabulary seems to be far advanced for his age, but his formal speech suits me. Even in this short time span, he learns quickly, picking up skills after only a few times of repetition. He should mature relatively quickly, but that remains to be seen. He demonstrates a desire for play and other such indulgences, which I have let him experience a few times. If he makes a mistake, I chastise him for it, which generally puts such behavior to a stop.

    He is… extremely dedicated to pleasing me, which I find strange. It is nothing new of course, but with others, I find it is because they fear my wrath. With Adam, it seems as though he genuinely wants to see his father content with him, and content in general.

    I have given him a few chores and such to see how he performs, and they do not seem to bother him, he never falters in the tasks. He offers to do smaller chores that I have not asked him to do, seeming as though he wishes to take the burden off of my shoulders.

    I will continue to observe his behavior for the next few months before attempting a recreation. I can only afford to wait until the end of the week for the anima experiment, the Well pounds heavy in my head. Adam has answered my hopes, with luck he will continue to.

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