Manners of Dress among the Obrex and Daoine in Obrexia

  • Minister Duke

    The Obrex:

    High-born: The nobles of Obrexia wear a mixture of fine clothes. Patterned silks and fine cotton. The fad seems to change weekly at court, and since many of the families have deep ties to trade, they can either afford to buy expensive clothes in local markets or try to set trends by purchasing from markets abroad. The current fashion is that of silken doublets and long stiff pants, impractical for fighting, but meant to show wealth with embroidered jewels and gold thread.

    Average Man: The average laborer wears durable cotton clothes that are usually dyed a single colour. Everyone will have at least one set of fancier clothes for special events, and almost all are in good repair. Most of the upper end will donate clothes that have been outgrown to those less fortunate who will generally repair them as much as possible. Hand me downs are common among the tight-knit middle class.

    Low-born: The low born will wear whatever they can get their hands on, though sackcloth is almost always available. It is by far the least comfortable of all the clothes the Obrex people wear, but most don’t complain. The lowest of the Average Man usually have pulled themselves up to their position through hard work and will give their lowest to those that they came from.

    The Daoine:

    High-born: The highest among the Daoine wear similar clothes as the average Obrex man. They have some clothes similar to that of the high-born among them, for when they travel to the courts of Obrex. They also have ceremonial robes stitched with gold and silver thread for special ceremonies that they perform within the tribes. The chiefs have special headdresses made of the skulls of powerful beasts accented with gold.

    Average Man: The average Daoine man will wear treated and cured hides cut into vests and pants. Many have some common Obrex clothes for when they travel into Obrex lands, but not many will enter the main towns of Obrexia due to differences in their ways of life. Since hides are plentiful, not many will wear torn and tattered hides, often replacing them for newer pieces, using torn pieces for patchwork and repair material.

    Low-born: Not many are so low among the Daoine that they would have to work badly damaged pieces of hide, since they are a very inclusive and cohesive people. There are few orphans and infirm that are not cared for, but those that do slip through the cracks of the Daoine society will move into the towns and mesh with the low-born among the average Obrex, where sackcloth is plentiful, though not preferred.

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