Style Guide 1: Alkourie Shrines

  • Duke

    In this first entry into the Helian Style guide we are going to talk about the Alkourie Shrines, and Alters.

    Shrine to Alkourie are almost always made in naturally occurring lava pools. While this doesn't mean that every natural lava pool has a shrine, many do. In lore, once these shrines are constructed it makes the lava far less hot to be near, someone could walk right up to the edge and feel only a little heat (Although mind you touching it or falling in would be very bad)

    These shrines are always made out of netherbrick.

    Gravel fighting pits are sometimes place near the shrine.

    Alters are fairly rare to see dedicated to Alkourie, but they are sometimes adorned with knives, swords, skulls and/or red linen.

    alt text

    Pillar statues are common. They often have remains of skilled warriors interred under them. Pillar designs can vary from the examples given but tend to be in this vein of thought. Pillars do not need to be in lava pools and sometimes are placed near pools that are not large enough for a shrine.

    Alkourie Pillar, with sword
    alt text

    Alkourie Pillar with charred skull
    alt text

    Grave Markers
    Grave markers come in many varieties, and below is a simple example. Only those who have displayed great feats of strength, heroism and honor have their remained sealed in these stone tombs. Sometimes only part of the deceased is in the tomb and the other parts are buried in other locations. These plots are not always labeled with etched signs, especially very old ones.

    alt text

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