Minister of Applications Election Candidacy

  • Minister Duke

    It is time for the next minister term to come around. If you are of Baron rank or higher and wish to run for the position of Minister of Applications, please announce your candidacy here. You have until 9/6/20 to do so.

  • Viscount

    My candidacy is contingent on, and only on, if no one else runs. Chewy has expressed interest, so if he or any other desires the role, I will not run. I have been very busy this past term, though if no one else runs, I will do my best to find the time to fulfill my duties.

  • Baron

    As Darius said, I'll run. I've been deputy apps minister this past term and have been handling a lot of the newcomer interviews anyway, so I'm more than happy to continue doing that.

  • Viscount

    With Chewy's candidacy, I relinquish my own.

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