Application: MiniBluu

  • I, Merek, Have come seeking residence within the land of which these realms reside. I Have traveled far and wide across the lands from far beyond the snowy mountains of Kaligos to the vast and deathly desert of Kursany, all in the name of studying the unknown wonders of science. I wish to settle in one of these fine realms and seek to share the knowledge of which I have obtained in order to progress us into the future of science! For only I am merely a man that may find it quite difficult for the average person to accept the great astonishment's of science. I come from a long forgotten farming village that once sat far past the lush forest of Calledonia. The village had been raided by the mysterious pirates with black sails. For I am the last survivor of my humble village, I wish to seek the cause of the long dark and study the effects it may have within the world itself.

    Hello, My name is Mikey and I'm 19 years old, my timezone is MST and currently play most afternoons-late evenings. My Minecraft username is MiniBluu. I have almost no experience in creating lore so I'm sure my character isn't very well thought out. World building for me is kind of iffy because I mostly build houses and castles with no lore or backstory, however I find lore and world building to be extremely interesting and would like to learn how to do it. I've been playing Minecraft off and on since Alpha and have been apart of not only playing as a member, but also admining and even helping in the development of several servers and my build style is generally everything, I make redstone builds for farms and then cover them up with nice looking creations. I've come looking for servers to join in order to make new friends as currently I only have 1 friend who doesn't play Minecraft. I play a wide variety of survival crafting and shooter games such as 7 days to die, Sea of Thieves, etc.

    Here are a couple of my builds, some of them were not finished due to server shutdowns:

    I saw some other applications had questions for new users, so I will go ahead and answer those to make things easier for everyone ๐Ÿ™‚

    What is/are your favorite colors(s)?
    I prefer cooler colors, but my favorite would probably be blue or purple.
    What type of fantasy races are you most interested in?
    I've played a little bit of WoW so I'd probably stick with either goblins or humans.
    Do you have a general understanding of progression in this server?
    Not really, but I would like to learn.
    What's your favorite biome to build in?
    Tough choice honestly, I like the green grass of forests, but at the same time I like the terrain of mountain biomes.
    What's your favorite type of wood in Minecraft?
    I prefer to use dark oak and spruce.

  • Baron

    Love it, love your builds hereโ€™s my vote. 1/5

  • Minister Duke

    I think for a relatively beginner approach what you have written is pretty good. Your builds are pretty nice as well! You have my vote 2/5

  • Baron

    My vote, 3/5

  • Viscount

    Vote 4/5

  • Baron

    Have a vote 5/5

  • Minister Duke

    This dude has passed the interview, let offers commence

  • Minister Duke

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

    I would like to extend the offer for you to join me in Obrexia, a land of magic and growth in a turbulent time. If you have any questions please feel free to ask on here or discord.

    I am in EST but feel free to message me whenever or every minute until I respond, but I will get back to you as soon as I can.

    Some more images can be found here on my imgur.

    Join soon and get a free 13.00+ speed horse! Also, I am more than willing to do a tour whenever you want.

  • Baron

    Hi there!
    Join Kaligos, as we really need someone who can build.


    Kaligos is a land of darkness and monsters. Founded by a Helian expat, Kaligos is a blending of Helian tradition and culture with the native population of Selk. The Six Gods are present among some former Helians, but a new form of magic has been found and intense study is underway! The Selk practice a lifestyle-religion known to outsiders as Selkine, which has a heavy emphasis on beast and nature spirits.

    Kaligos is still a young realm, but I hope you'll consider joining me!

    Kaligos Offer

  • Baron

    Join Kryizon!

  • I have chosen to join the realm of Kryizon! Thank you all for the offers!

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