The Comet and Baungrvuor Valley

  • Baron

    It had returned.

    After a thousand years, the sky was once again lit up with colour. The comet made the nights as bright as day. And it was in this surreal light that the dwarves of Zahrak Gol were gathered around their leader.
    "A thousand years ago, the comet heralded the doom of the empire and the fall of Baungrvuor along with it! A thousand years of decay and ruin. But now, the comet comes anew, bringing new change with it! Baungrvuor will rise again! Ak' Baungr will be found again! The comet brings with it prosperity and good fortune! A new golden age for dwarven kind!"
    The crowd cheered, clapped and embraced one another. Many couldn't sleep that night, and gathered to watch the comet. They told and exchanged stories, and mingled.

    But the dwarves were not the only ones that couldn't sleep that night. In the depths of the forest, eyes that had been closed for near millenia opened once more. And deeper still, in a mighty ruin in the darkest depths of the valley, an ancient power was stirring. And the dwarves in Zahrak Gol would soon find themselves stuck between a rock and a hard place.