Add TnT to blocks able to be chosen for rank up rewards.

  • Minister Duke

    Below is a copy of what I have posted in the discussion channel:
    Not to completely derail this, but there is another topic i would like to discuss, in that I would greatly like adding tnt to the blocks that you are able to request from rank up rewards. I am more than fine with it having a higher exchange rate, but I have a hankering to work on underdark stuff and doing most underground stuff is hard unless you wana chip away with a pick and beacon. I will attach a forum thread so as to not devolve here further.

    2 to 1 exchange rate would be fine, or even 4 to 1, but I am hesitant to push it higher than that. I am more than fine with supervision of its use as well, and would love for anyone to come look at me use it if they wanted.

  • Prince

    I am kind of fine with that. TnT is a weird one since it's use is often synonymous with griefing, but really if you are at the point you are getting the rank up rewards it's fairly unlikely you will be blowing the world up.

    but with that said, I'd more just like to see a very firm declaration of what the TnT will be used for it it is claimed by someone, so we can alway kind of have a record.

  • Minister Duke

    I personally intend to blow up most of my realm, at least the underground portions, to make caves for my Underdark without having to carve them by hand. I invite you to watch me place all of it and potentially lag out the server.

  • Minister Duke

    If there is no further discussion, I would like to move forward with a 2:1 exchange rate and having to state its intended use when requesting

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