The Comet: A Savior's Duty

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    Elenia kneels and stares off into the moonlit sky, admiring the view of the entire city she would have to rule until the end of her days. She bows her head and begins her nightly ritual.

    For the three that came before me, and this city, Solace, the last bastion of hope for our peoples, I pray to thee: as the 12th elected Savior, I intend to protect and serve the city as it's righteous leader. This is what I promise to you, my great ancestor, Velolyn. May Aeros guide my mind, may Giyleia strengthen my will, and may Daruvin empower my -

    A streak of light runs through the sky, followed by a bright flash that engulfs the whole land for several seconds. Elenia immediately stops her prayer and stands right back up in awe.

    "My lady!" A voice comes in from the halls. "Surely you've seen it as well! The Shadow Comet has come once again."

    "I reckon the whole of Solace has seen it, Fei. It was as if the light of day had come for a few seconds then vanished..."

    "I also bring some urgent news, my lady. The Magister's College have informed us of smaller projectiles coming from the comet. They say it may hit the surrounding lands in a few minutes." Elenia turns to Fei.

    "Awake the Guardians and fetch me my equipment."

    "Right away my lady!" Fei frantically runs back into the keep. Elenia walks to her bedside, grabbing her bow. Dozens of runic markings streak the upper and lower limbs.

    "May The Ancestors and The Three guide us... Another Shadow War may be at our hands now." She runs out of her room and into the panicking keep.

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