Aiolian Land Claim

  • Baron

    I am requesting permission to expand Aiolia into the east. I have found myself drifting from some of my original projects and wish to start something fresh that I have planned from even before my realm was founded, namely building in the mountains. I have been working on a settlement on the creative server, a screenshot of it can be viewed below the claim map. Of note, I am not abandoning my unfinished projects, I just feel that Aiolia has been fleshed out enough that I can take a break from them to regain inspiration while working on something I've already mostly planned.

    alt text

    Yellow marks my current land claim, red the area I wish to claim. Majenta dots and rectangles signify settlements I wish to eventually place in this area. The orange line depicts the road that would connect it to my previous claim, the dots surrounding it possible hamlets.

    alt text
    This is the city of Photizo Kodonostasia, or "Shining Spires." It is the area on the map that contains diagonal magenta lines in a rectangle.

  • Prince

    Hyped in greater than eight characters

  • Baron

    It is a large area but it's well thought out and ready to be developed. Plus Aiolia is already reasonably filled, I support this claim.

  • Viscount

    This isn't a dispute or anything (I personally support the claim), just a question out of curiosity. Is the magenta spot in the middle of the ice field to the south also a settlement? Is it established on the ice or is there an island in there?

  • Baron

    @itreallydobethatwaymyguy That settlement does not exist yet and marks a spot I will claim in the future. It's the city of Basiluzzo, the home of my ice-vikings. It is built upon the bergs.

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