Of New Beginnings

  • Baron

    The ringing of a bell interrupted Adam and Radish as they gazed at the rising sun. Their vision had been occupied by the splash of colors that accompanied the light-bringer, and they had sat as Adam hummed softly. Now, the ringing brought their attention back to the village, where the denizens had begun to collect at the rock from the prior day. Adam gazed at Radish, before placing him on his good shoulder, making their way to the gathering.

    Fionn was once again atop the ledge. While last night they had gesticulated with the rest of the fish people in their happiness, now their hands were filled with an object that Adam had been searching for ever since they had arrived at his plateau. The pumpkin that sat in their hands was unlike any he had ever seen. It was white, with a slightly yellow tinge. It was large, large enough to serve as the head of a golem.

    Adam stood at the back of the crowd, mouth agape. Fionn grinned, her sharp teeth glistening. The large golem approached, shock and joy written across his face. “For Friend!” they stated, proudly holding the gourd out to him.

    Gently taking Radish off his shoulder and setting him on the ground, Adam delicately lifted the pumpkin out of Fionn’s hands. It was perfect.

    “Thank you. Thank you!”

    Though the fish people could not understand his words, they clearly understood the message, applauding in joy at the acceptance of their gift. A sudden thought struck Adam. Turning to Fionn, he requested one thing of her.

    “Come! Please come!”

    Niall, the translator, leaned over to Fionn, conveying his words. She looked startled, then quickly nodded a yes. Ecstatic, Adam lifted his hand with the gourd.

    “We will create!”

    It was a few hours later that Adam and a large portion of the village journeyed out from their valley back to his rickety hut. They passed once more by the colossus, but Adam was too excited to care. When at last they reached his abode, the golem quickly grabbed a piece of bark and some flowers he had gathered. Setting the items on a stump before Fionn and the rest of their entourage, he wrote the word “truth” with the dye of the crushed flowers he had in his palm.

    “Truth,” he looked at Niall to translate, while he rushed back inside. Taking a shard of flint he had harvested from the cliffs, he began carving into the pumpkin. First a mouth, then eyes showed through as the creator did his work with dexterity unknown to himself. At last, the head was formed. As Radish watched, Adam attached the gourd to the body of mud he had toiled upon for weeks. Lifting the slab of wood the unactivated golem sat upon, Adam dragged it outside to the crowd of waiting watchers. Then, seeing Fionn had written upon the piece of bark. He gestured towards the golem’s mouth. Fionn, without a thought moved, placing the words of “truth” into its mouth. It was written twice upon the bark, once in the runic language of the golems, and once in the runic language of the Northern Osyatao. Adam paused, preparing himself for the last step.

    He closed his eye, emptying himself, releasing the stopper that separated Adam from Magic. Golems essentially were magic, just given form and sentience. When Adam had created Radish, he had used the magic of the Well. That magic had tasted stale and confined, easily bending to his control. This magic was free, rebelling against him and tasting of spice. He almost lost himself to it before reigning back ti back in. Letting the wild magic flow, Adam became the conduit. With his hand glowing a brilliant yellow, he dipped his finger into the mud that formed the body of the golem. The material gave way easily, as Adam carved the letters into it.


    Adam stepped back, almost collapsing as he became “Adam” once again. Fionn and the others watched amazed as the golem sat up and opened its eyes, the runes on its torso glowing a molten gold.

    Raising its hand, a good chunk of mud fell off of its arm.

    “Good Morning,” stated the golem.

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