Asteryon and the Serpent

  • Baron

    Asteryon was born in the Kingdom of Eleusys in what is now known to us as the Province of San Vysta. Son of the Sky Father Klu and a noblewoman named Nymera. Asteryon was hated by his step-father King Rehoboam, regarded as a living reminder of his wife's infidelity. Asteryon was raised in the castle cellars, left alive as to not upset Klu.
    Eleusys was a kingdom at peace with its neighbours, it did not have to contend with humans for supremacy, it was however plagued by a ferocious water monster, a sea serpent. Every month a group of brave warriors would journey by boat out to an isle beyond the horizon, where the serpent lay in rest. Every time the ship would return empty, black sails hoisted to signal the warriors had all perished.

    Asteryon would look out his window in despair at the returning ship. He had dreamt he would defeat the Serpent, he was the son of the Klu after all. He pleaded to his mother to let him go on the next journey but she refused. Month after month he argued with her, but every time she declined, until one day King Rehoboam overheard his request and decided to intervene. Suggesting to his wife that if the boy really was a demi-god than Klu would save him. Nymera was not convinced but she could not say no to the king, and so the following month Asteryon boarded the ship with eleven other warriors bound for the isle beyond the horizon. Before he left his mother told him that if he was to return alive he must promise her he would raise a white sail, he agreed.

    The journey to the isle took four days, upon reaching the rocky outcrop the men prepared to fight. As the stepped foot on land, the ground began to shake as the giant serpent lurched forward from behind the isle, crushing three men instantly. Quickly the men prepared to attack while Asteryon studied the beast.
    While the men began to attack Asteryon ran around behind the serpent and began to scale it. He held on tight as the beast lunged forward and crushed more men, disintegrating them with a powerful burst of water from its mouth. He reached the head of the serpent where he violently plunged his sword deep into its skull, killing it.
    The serpent fell to the ground, and from the cut sprung forward the most beautiful woman Asteryon had ever seen.
    "Who are you?" he asked,
    "I am Kassandra, Goddess of the tides. You have saved me from my prison, noble warrior."
    Asteryon was in love, the goddess too felt affection for the young man. Soon they were on their way back to Eleusys, Asteryon was so enthralled with Kassandra he had forgotten his promise to his mother.

    Nymera, waited patiently for her son's return, then just before sunset she saw the boat appear over the horizon. As it came into view her worst nightmare became a reality as she noticed its black sail. Her son was dead. Grief-stricken, Nymera threw herself off the cliff onto the dashing rocks below. Asteryon's triumph was now marred with a tragedy, the death of his mother.
    Filled with rage at his wife's suicide, Rehoboam banished Asteryon and Kassandra from Eleusys.

    Asteryon's story does not end here, for there are many great tails of Asteryon and Kassandra from across Kryizon. Two of the most famous Kryizon Heroes.

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