Clay Discussion

  • Prince

    This is to discuss making a custom recipe for clay.

    The proposed reason is clay is a finite resource that requires decimating a swamp biome in order to get any usable quantity and that quantity may be too low for any real use.

    Resolved: -Alric

  • Withdrawn Baron

    In support, my proposed recipe would be something like 1 slimeball and 8 dirt for 8 clay blocks, though harder recipes could be okay I guess.

  • Baron

    I'll voice my support for such a measure. Clay is so scarce as to makes its use in any building palates on even a medium project impractical.

    I'm not sure what the proposed recipe should be (perhaps a combination of sand/dirt/gravel?), But you have my support either way

  • Prince

    The inclusion of a slime is a good idea since it is a fairly swampy materia as well. I am not opposed to 8 dirt + 1 slimeball > 8 clay, or do we want to make it a little more intensive and say 4 dirt and 1 slime for 4 clay?

  • Baron

    I approve. Clay is too rare as is for any sizable building project.

    I think 8 dirt + 1 slimeball is a good recipe to make clay.

  • Count

    Im opposed to this, as we have a world border for collecting large amounts of material like this.

    In fact, I did this on aldemeria and got myself a double chest of clay blocks rather quickly.

    In my opinion, this is one of those things where, If you want to build out of this material, you have to spend some time making a trip and gathering it, or you have to trade with somebody who has it.

  • Baron

    I see no need for a custom clay recipe...

    Bricks should be labor intensive to produce and there are enormous swathes of swampland to source them from. With a fortune shovel and depth strider boots, it's near effortless to wander through the 1-tile deep shallows of swamp biomes collecting a shitton of clay balls. Hashing out custom recipes for a relatively common material is completely unnecessary.

    Brick should be sparingly used and serve as a symbol of status for your settlement anyway, imo.

  • Baron

    @FionaDanger Sand would make more sense than dirt. Sand is finer than dirt and clay is finer than sand.

  • Baron

    @Tsal said in Clay Discussion:

    Bricks should be labor intensive to produce and there are enormous swathes of swampland to source them from.

    I don't think there are necessarily large swamps to source from unless you're planning on destroying land that you don't own.

  • Minister Duke

    I would say that making bricks something easier to obtain would be a nice practice. I would also be agreeable to making 8 dirt and a slimeball be the custom recipe. I would say that unless someone makes a slime farm, even with looting 3 slimeballs are useful for other things that they wouldn't all be used up for clay, nor would it crash the "brick economy". Since there is a much more finite number of clay blocks in the world I would definitely throw my hat in the support column

  • Baron

    I too am against making a new recepie for clay for the same reason as Alric has mentioned. I've heard several members are displeased by the colour and look of clay as a normal building material anyway, so scarcity and rarity should not be a problem.

  • Prince

    The idea that clay bricks should be scarce is strange, bricks have been a common building material for as long as there have been people, look at Egypt for example. I think that right now the only means for bricks to be obtained is to devastate a biome and even then its not really for very much gain.

  • Baron


    I'm sorry... Are you trying to tell me that if I dig out some clay in an unclaimed (and likely will remain that way) swamp, creating a small indent of dirt in the water, the server is going to institute a ban? Because that is ludicrous. It's one thing to strip mine the natural environment, but that is extreme. I source from unclaimed mesas, swamps, and jungles all the time. It wouldn't even be noticeable because I'm not making giant chunk holes and dirt towers in the terrain.

  • Baron


    Bricks have always been a common building material, but they have also been difficult to produce and labor intensive. They were status symbols in the ancient world and required skilled artisans to make them of high quality that would withstand the elements. I highly doubt that the little 4x4 clay patches being removed would "devastate" a biome... Frankly, not having giant random blue circles all over the swamp shallows would be an improvement.

  • Minister Duke

    @Tsal I would say that sourcing from unclaimed land inside the world area is not the best move. Just because it is unclaimed now does not mean it will not ever be. And the clay is part of the swamp and river look. Patches of different materials are what makes up riverbeds, and it isn't necessarily a bad look. Also, we aren't really supposed to source from those areas for the reason that they might not always be unclaimed, even if you aren't making a huge mess, if everyone is sourcing like this then there will eventually be none left to collect.

  • Esquire

    I'd be down for a custom recipe, the spawn rate of clay is just too low to be viable for multiple builds, and especially large builds. Now I don't really see clay blocks and bricks being used a whole lot in builds, but you gotta remember that clay is also used to make terracotta and glazed terracotta, both of which are probably gonna be used a lot. As far as just collecting it from unclaimed areas, none of that should be allowed, First off, we have the buffer around the world for a reason, why gather from unclaimed areas and possibly end up screwing over someone else later. Second, there will probably be people that will want to settle in swamps as there are people who do like them, you can't just assume that they will never be claimed. In fact, I actually am planning on claiming a swamp for my realm, and I for sure don't want to go there just to find out that half the clay is gone already.

  • Baron

    @bryson3842 said in Clay Discussion:

    @Tsal I would say that sourcing from unclaimed land inside the world area is not the best move. Just because it is unclaimed now does not mean it will not ever be... if everyone is sourcing like this then there will eventually be none left to collect.

    I disagree with this. The point I was making wasn't that something might not ever be claimed- It's that our map is enormous and it's a non-issue for the foreseeable future. I don't need someone breathing down my neck every time I take some terra cotta from a mesa biome or pick flowers in a flower forest just because it "Might be claimed one day" or I'm "devastating" the biome. The sheer magnitude of the map and the minuscule player base make such a policy come off as needlessly authoritarian.

    I'd prefer wilds be wild, and if someone has a problem with the way in which the wilds are being utilized, they should simply file a grievance. Or better yet, we should vet members to prevent those who would destroy the land. Obviously that isn't perfect but it's better than giving me the banhammer for picking lily pads off swampland I haven't claimed...

  • Baron

    While im against resource gathering from unclaimed land, I do think the scale of the game makes it unlikely that anyone would.notice some clay gone missing, provided the natural landscape is preserved.

    Another point to this argument which I don't think anyone else has touched upon is that unlike other rare materials like slime balls, oxeye daisies and cats, clay cannot be farmed. Once all naturally occuring clay from your land is gone. You aren't getting it back.

    No clay generators to make. No clay farms to breed with.

    Id say for that reason alone, a recipe for it should be considered.

  • Minister Duke

    @Tsal Then why are you against a clay recipe? If wilds should be wild then that is in direct conflict with you saying it should all be hand gathered and not made. There is a 100% finite amount of clay in the world, at a much lower limit than just about everything else, so why not have a recipe for it? It can currently only be collected and not all of it will come from within your own land if you want to use a lot of it.

  • Baron

    @bryson3842 Wild implies that it isn't inhabited by people, or claimed by someone. It does not mean unexploitable. There is a difference between allowing someone to build a city on some land and allowing them to a chop down a tree for saplings and lumber, or harvesting some clay balls.

    Ultimately this isn't a hill I'd like to die on, it's clearly a difference of opinion, because I see no way that clay will be in short supply at any point in the future. Custom recipes should be reserved for materials that are unobtainable otherwise, imo. Clay is not one of those materials.

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