The Siege of Tyth

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    The II, IV, VII, IIX, and XII Legions had marched deep into the Aurus Mountains, led by the seasoned commander and Kysar, Aurelyus Trytos Kyfall Haydryonus. 30,000 soldiers had campaigned through the long summer to reach the city of Tyth, surrounded on 3 sides by impenetrable stone, walls and a giant mountain range to its rear, the city had never been successfully invaded.

    With bountiful food and provisions, and an underground reservoir of water the Tythine could withstand a siege for many years.
    Aurelyus did not have time to wait out the defenders, nor did he want to send thousands of harden soldiers to their deaths. Instead, Aurelyus marched in 5,000 slaves an ordered them to start digging holes around the city. These holes were to be dug as deep as possible, some measured over 150 feet in depth.
    Aurelyus wasn't digging holes for fun, he had devised an ingenious plan to defeat the Tythines.

    After a month of digging and searching, they had found what Aurelyus was looking for, water.
    The winter before Aurelyus had buried himself deep in the lower vaults of the Imperial Library, reading scroll after scroll of previous Legionars and Kysar's battle strategies, as well as the histories of many nearby kingdoms and cities. Among the assortment of worldly literature, he discovered ancient plans about the construction of Tyth, dating back to the time of Ataylos Haydryonus. He had learnt that Tyth was built on top of a giant underground lake and that it potentially could be accessed from outside the city walls.

    Quickly the Kysar had the dead offal from around the camp collected and dumped into the hole. For extra measure, any slave who was found to be sick was also thrown into the hole. Now all they had to do was wait, the city's water supply had been poisoned and Aurelyus was confident that in time the Tythines would have no choice but to surrender.
    The Tythines held out for longer than Aurelyus planned, but after 10 days the gates of Tyth were opened and the Kryizon Legions marched in.
    All the Tythine men over the age of 10 were instantly put to the sword, the woman and children, sold into slavery. The siege of Tyth ended a long campaign season for Aurelyus, while the IV legion was left to winter in the city, the Kysar and other legions began the long march home.

    The city of Tyth would be destroyed by an earthquake 3 years later, today it lies abandoned. Some say that in the silence of night if you put an ear to the city's wells you can still hear the cries of the sick slaves, who were thrown alive into the reservoir.

    Aurelyus would add the title Kyfall to his name, in recognition of his siege of Tyth. It would become the last great military achievement of the Kysar as he would die the following summer. The slow decline of the Empire began following his death, ultimately leading to the year of the 12 Kysars and a bloody civil war. From this, the Kryizon Empire would take almost half a century to regain its glory.

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