Application: UnitedStates1776

  • To whom it may concern:

    Warmest greetings to you on behalf of The Federal Monarchy of America. I am UnitedStates1776, appointed Ambassador and Chief of Mission to Greater Candarion pursuant to the most recent Foreign Affairs initiative OFA-DOP-E5. My mission is to represent His Excellency the Chancellor of the Federation and open formal diplomatic relations with the people and institutions found in Candarion through the establishment of an Embassy.

    But who is the Chancellor? And what is the Federal Monarchy of America? The FMA is a constitutional federation of 3 prior existing governing bodies, forming together to maximize output with specific security and economic related tasks. This Federation is lead by a Monarch, the Chancellor, who has absolute authority in specific areas of law, among them being foreign relations. The Chancellor wishes to open formal relationships with other governing entities to share best practices and enrich the cultures with which we come into contact. And so enters yours truly.

    I am a bureaucrat at heart and by training, though not always by profession. Prior to this gig I served for two terms on the broadly elected City Council of Cooperstown, one of the three regional governments (and the only democracy) in the FMA. There I served as the Chair of the Government Services Committee overseeing the apportionment of funding to projects sponsored by the city government. I also managed to build strong ties with members of the federal Office of Interior Development, ties which I can thank for my current appointment here today. You see, I have always enjoyed learning more about new peoples, a real draw to my previous job in elected office, and my willingness to do the mundane paperwork others despise apparently makes me a perfect fit to both represent the FMA to you and to report back home of my experiences.

    And so to you I once again extend the warmest greetings on behalf of myself and the entire Federation as I express our wish for you to permit the construction of an Embassy within your lands from which to build strong ties and advance shared interests. For all future correspondence I will operate as the primary point of contact.

    Hello, I'm Derek, 21 years old and I learned about this interesting looking server through reddit. Earlier this year during some free time I had, the idea came to me to create a proper government in an existing survival Minecraft world of mine which dates back to 2016. I am in the final stages of receiving a bachelor's degree in international relations and I specialize in foreign policy/national security and comparative governance, so the project came as a way to use what I have learned in a fun hobby type way. A number of factors resulted in a robust federal and local governing apparatus with multiple parts each having their own unique character and feel. In terms of world building, I'd say I have more experience in building the actual world than the characters within it necessarily, so this should be a fun exercise.

    About two weeks ago I formally opened an Embassy in a different server which will remain nameless. It has gone well so far, but Candarion honestly seems to have far more potential in my opinion. And for clarity, I will not be promoting any other servers on yours, and the FMA is not accessible to people outside of a specific group of people who I know personally. But I think it would be a lot of fun to practice diplomacy with some other committed (and probably more experienced) world builders.

    I am in the United States eastern time zone, my favorite color is blue, I have not put any thought into fantasy races, I have a general understanding of the rank progression as outlined in the FAQ and Charter, and I prefer to build in either plains or oak/birch forests with a mix of oak and spruce wood (though spruce makes the best logs, no question).

    Here are some examples of builds I have made. It is definitely not my strong suit, but the more I do it the better I get. This is keeping in mind I have been playing Minecraft since 1.2 in 2012. <---Federal building interior, the center of the federal bureaucracy <---Images from Cooperstown, the more developed sub-federal authority <---Example of the Embassy building and compound as demonstrated by the first
    established in another land

    Thank you for your time and consideration, I hope to mutually enrich each others' world building!

  • Minister Duke

    Hello, here are a few of the usual questions:
    What is/are your favorite colors(s)?
    What type of fantasy races are you most interested in?
    Do you have a general understanding of progression in this server?
    What's your favorite biome to build in?
    What's your favorite type of wood in Minecraft?

    Ignore that, my reading comprehension is bad today.

    I like your app, I think it might be one of the more modern ones that we have encountered. I do want to clarify that we do have a fairly set time period, which is around the 15th century and before. That doesn't preclude politics by any means, but we do have some hard limits on tech.

  • Minister Duke

    I will give you your first vote, 1/5

  • Viscount

    This modern-style diplomacy is a very interesting perspective I don't think we've ever seen. Not sure how well it'll directly fit into our more late-medieval period setting, but I'm excited to see how your background influences your worldbuilding. Take another vote! 2/5

  • Baron

    This application is well written, but before I give you my vote I want to make sure you understand a couple of things before I confirm my vote:

    1. As others have mentioned, the server has a medieval setting which you will have to stick to when you join.
    2. If you join you won't actually be building an embassy for an entity that exists outside the server. If you join you will likely be creating totally new lore within the confines of the world that already exists.

    If you can apply what you know to our world, I think you'll be a great fit here. But I just wanted to make sure you knew these things so you don't get the wrong idea of what this server is.

  • Prince

    Sure, Why not 3/5

  • Baron

    Here's a vote 4/5

  • Baron

    5/5 congrats

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