Heaven's Call - Part 1

  • Duke

    The meeting room of Vansenhall was a sparse and dimly lit space, a long hall a singular seat at the end and a few seats near the edges. Scuffs on the floor told there may once have been a table in its center but that was long since removed. Tapestry hung from the walls telling the story of Vansen long dead and some still living.

    Sivian was seated at the head chair her attendant next to her reading to her from a ledger of events and she was dictating response. A few others milled around the room dealing with their own affairs, as sparse as the space was it was alive with some activity. The door to the room opened and a young man in white and red robes stepped into the room. His bald head and the red sun painted on his forehead told Her all she needed to know before he even began to speak.

    “Announsing-” He stumbled over the word, his voice nervous and trembling. She couldn’t tell if he was just nervous or if he was scared. The herald swallowed hard and took a deep breath. “Announcing, Priestess Millianna Marvell, Blessed Priestess of Wenna, The Crimson.”

    Sivian sat forward in her seat and the grind of her teeth was almost audible to her attendant sitting next to her. Those others in the room stopped what they were doing to regard the new entrant. “She is recognized.” Sivian practically growled the words as the Herald ushered in the Priestess.

    Millianna was tall and broad like most Helian women, although her darker skin foretold she was likely from the northern reaches of the Realm. Her hair was long and done in a single side braid, it was a vibrant white and matched her dress and habbot. Golden detail was stitched into the dress, the habbot and even onto her shoes. Her dress was fitted tightly to her tied at the flanks with golden ribbon, the design highlighting her in a way that a priestess perhaps shouldn’t have. Around her head told why she was called Blessed, a crimson halo floated behind her head, the script and iconography like hard light suspended in the air around the crown of her head. Every step she took toward Sivian the split in her skirt would part revealing a crimson lining to the garment and also showed perhaps more leg than her office should have allowed.

    “Priestess, what brings you to Novia?” Sivian tried to keep the conversation pointed something she knew would last all of a second once Millianna spoke.

    “Sivvy dear, this is how you would greet me after so long?” Millianna’s voice was soft and sweet as if every word from her mouth a flirtation, which explained somewhat the nervousness of her following herald, the poor man. Millianna stepped right to Sivian and leaned forward and embraced the woman, who barely moved to return the hug. Millianna pressed slightly painted lips to Sivians cheek and stepped backward. “Blessing of the Sun on you.”

    “And the Moon to you.” Sivian said in a more reflexive fashion as she lifted a hand to her cheek to brush away the moistness of the kiss. “What do you want Millianna?”

    “What I cannot come to see an old friend, share a meal and a story.” She bit her bottom lip. “Or a bed.” She whispered, but quickly fanned the words away.

    “No. No you can’t. The last time you left you left with more than your fair share. If not for your station you would be flat on your back right now.”

    “Promises, promises. “ Millianna said in the quick retort, and Sivian stammered on some words before just swallowing them altogether. “But you are correct I do have some business here as well as just wanting to see your pretty face. I heard there was a Squire Valiant here. A man by the name of Michael. Wenna herself told me I should see him, offer myself to him...my services.” She laughed at her seeming mistake of words.

    “Like you said she sent you to me?”

    Millianna clicked her tongue and offered a slight laugh. “I may have embellished my calling to you, but I speak the truth of young Michael. Is he here?”

    Sivian brought her hands together and rested her chin on her thumbs and touched the tips of her lips with her pointer fingers. She had no reason to indulge Millianna beyond the normal courtesy of a visiting priestess, but there was no way she could have known of the Squire without some divine intervention or at last a few talky clerics far from where Millianna was normally.

    “He is. Although I do not know what you would offer him on his mission. How long has it been since you swing a sword..or even wore armor? Since we were little girls.”

    “You were already a knight when I was just a little girl Dame Vansen. But you are correct it has been some time but I offer more than strength of arms to the Squire, I offer strength of faith. If you are worried about me you can come with us, although I think you were already going to go with Young Michael.”

    The room stirred again as a middle aged man in armor stepped into the room, he was clearly a Vansen guard by the marking son his tabard. “Announcing Squire Valiant Michael, Fists of Heaven.”

    “He is recognized.” Both women spoke but Sivian gave Millianna an angry glare and Millianna smirked and stepped to the side.

    A young man, barely more than a boy stepped into the room, he wore simple clothing of black and a white tabard baring the closed eye of Wenna and below it the sword of the Knight Valiant. His hair was short and brown and his eyes just as plain. For his title and position he was quite small a far cry from the hulking forms of many other Squire Valiant trusted enough to go on missions alone, let alone those who already had some title. He walked up to Sivian and offered her a quick bow of his head before turning his gaze to Millianna. His brown eyes while plain held an intensity to them, a judgement that was well beyond his years.

    “ The Crimson...odd she would chose you for this.”