The Great Comet over Domoutso

  • Baron

    The Great Comet over Domoutso

    The history regarding the collapse of the Arcosian Empire is vague at best, various peoples and groups all disagreeing on the reason and the following events.

    However, there is one thing that remains consistent in every story. When the collapse began, a great comet, with a tail of every color imaginable appeared in the sky and worked its way across the heavens. By the time it left, the collapse of the empire, and many other civilizations as a result was irreversible.

    • Ilkarous Aenia, Professor of History at Aeredos University

    The return of the Great Comet has caused unease among the people of Candarion. Some predict another calamity like that which destroyed the Arcosian Empire. Domoutsans see the Great Comet's return in a more positive light, however.

    They believe that every 1296 years the world enters a new cycle: birth, death, rebirth. The Arcosians arose in the first cycle, then collapsed in the second, and now the remaining people of Candarion will rise again in the third.