How to Count Like a Domoutsan

  • Baron

    How to Count Like a Domoutsan

    Because of this unique system of counting, six is an incredibly important number in Domoutsan society. At six years old a Domoutsan receives their name; at twelve they form a full psychic connection with the Hivemind; at eighteen they are recognized as an adult. Domoutsan weeks have six days each. They even predict that the world enters a new era after every 1296 years (6^4) with the passing of the Great Comet.

    The mountain in the background of the infographic is Mt. Domoutso. This volcanic mountain lies in the center of the island of Domoutso, and it is home to the "brain" of the mushroom hivemind. Thousands of individual mushrooms feed off of the magical energy inside the mountain to form a psychic bond, creating a single incredibly intelligent being.

    I was inspired by this video by Jan Misali about counting in different bases.