Dame Valiant Esther, the Gleaming Blade

  • Baron

    Dame Valiant Esther, the Gleaming Blade

    Esther is a Knight Valiant hailing from the Cerelatir County of Helios. As a Knight Valiant her primary job is to slay the monsters that plague the realm. Cerelatir County in particular has an infestation of large insectoids, her foe of choice. The title "The Gleaming Blade" refers to the glowing aura surrounding her and her blade. It is said to be a gift from Wenna in reward for her faith to The Six, the primary gods of Helios.

    The Knight Valiant are the martial organization charged with fighting the horrors that exist throughout Helios. With the return of the Knight Valiant to some strength, they were able to carve out much of what Helios is in the current age. While there are still horrible creatures in the night, the worst of them are often headed off and fought by the Knight Valiant.