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  • Hello all, I'm Tom (ign: Marleys), 21 from England. I have been playing Minecraft since beta 1.8 so just over 9 years now and in that time have played on multiple realms and servers, recently I was a mod on a SMP server but stepped down from the role as I did not like the way the server was moving. The idea and passion I can see going into your server is massively inspiring especially to a player who enjoys giving all his builds character and lore. In my life outside of Minecraft, I am an architectural student at university along with working part time as a lifeguard. I also have an interest in many fantasy settings, such as Warhammer, Warcraft, League of Legends and ASOIAF.

    Massacre at Sentinel Hill
    Baron Alberich Bluhm glared at the gates of Sentinel Hill as they closed with the coming of dusk, hating the fact he had to hide behind his walls every night. For four generations his town had suffered the constant attacks from beasts of the night making stepping out beyond the tall stone walls of Sentinel Hill after dark a death sentence, causing a once proud and prosperous town to cower in fear and diminish to nothing but a shadow of its former glory.
    Feeling the presence of another Alberich tor his gaze from the gates to meet the eyes of the town scholar,
    " Blood moon comes in tomorrow night my liege" croaked the scholar, the blood moon had been all the scholar had spoken about for weeks claiming they could use it to turn the tide for the town and strike back against the night. The Baron grumbled brushing off the reminder, not knowing weather to trust the man but knowing he may not have much choice.
    " I am aware Delin, while your knowledge may be useful, do not forget who is the commander here" said the Baron bearing down on the scholar, asserting his authority to the clear displeasure of his subordinate.
    Delin, the scholar, was a tall pale man, his head covered in runic tattoos of an unknown origin in the place of hair, he had arrived into the town many moons ago with the promise that if he was given shelter he would record the history of the town. The Baron was impartial to the scholar at first, not feeling the need for the towns history to be recorded but gracious for another set of hands to help. But as time passed the presence of Delin slowly infuriated Alberich causing him to grow disdainful of him.
    The sun had now completely disappeared giving rise to the moon and the mist that often surrounded the town during the night. Alberich watched the night from his bedroom window as he did most nights, switching between fear and anger at the creatures that he believed he saw in the mist. His mind ran wild with the thought of the blood moon, could it really be a opportunity for him and his men to leave the town at night and take back the land that had slowly been lost and abandoned? He shook his head, the blood moon may not even come, it may not even give them a chance to fight back; but what if it could...
    Dawn came slowly that night for the baron, dreams of success flowed through his sleeping mind only to be chased back by nightmares of reality and failure, but as Alberich woke he knew he had to take the scholars advice and fight.
    As the sun made its decline in the sky and dusk began to fall on the land, Alberich summoned his warriors. A small band of about 20 men and women armed and readied themselves with cheap makeshift armour and weaponry for the events that were about to unfold. Though his troops were not ideally armed the baron could not say the same, suited in solid dark iron armour he wielded a ornate sword that had been passed form generation to generation of his family, and to top of the overblown display of wealth he rode upon a mighty charger. The mount aloud him to tower over his warrior before he informed them of the plan.
    " As some of you may already know" he started, "our scholar has predicted a blood moon tonight, which if theory is true, will allow us to leave the walls and retake some of our lost land". As if on que Delin appeared from his library, eyeing the rabble that gathered before his liege. Alberich turned to him giving him a nod of greeting with Delin doing the same.
    "It is nearly time my liege", called out the scholar pointing to the sky, following his finger the protectors of the town saw the sky suddenly turn a dark shade of red as the moon rose into the sky.
    "Open the gates", ordered the baron, hope filling his command.
    But hope was not enough for what met them beyond the gate. With there only defence now wide open the night came forward, beasts of wicker and bone howled and called as the charged from the fog. Alberich stared in horror to shocked to react, to overwhelmed to know where to begin. He suddenly focused just in time to steer his charger away from on of the beast, only for it to rip apart the women next to him, letting out a cry of anger he swung his sword for his opponent for it only to stick into the beasts thick hide. The beast turned his disfigured face toward Alberich, diving at the baron with an unholy fury causing him to fall to the ground. Alberich attempted to get up searching the town for some hope, some way they could survive, some way to save his people. Suddenly he felt a blunt force hit his head before his vision faded to black.
    Alberich slowly regained consciousness, shocked to still be alive. As his vison returned he slowly saw the horror before him. Death and decay surrounded him, blood ran in the streets with the remains of the towns people scattered in front of him. He tried to rise from the ground, only to find vines of wicker had wrapped themselves around him, crushing him with every movement. Suddenly a man walked into his view,
    "Help me Delin, Help me" he winced as he called his scholar to him. But Delin just stared, his robes soaked in blood, in his hand a dagger of bone.
    "The night spoke to me" the scholar started, "called to me in my dreams, told me that the blood moon would rise". Delin began to approach Alberich, causing the baron to try with all his might to break free. The hand of the scholar pinned him back down to the ground with inhuman strength.
    "And when the blood moon rises, the night rises will rise with it"
    Alberich felt the bone dagger slide across his throat, the warmth of his blood covering his neck. He struggled to stop the bleeding, but his vison was fading, he felt the life begin to leave him, and then nothing at all.

    Thanks, can't wait to hear back from you all

  • Baron

    I like your lore and builds, I'm going to give you your first vote. 1/5

  • Minister Duke

    Hello! Here are some of the usual questions:
    What is/are your favorite colors(s)?
    What type of fantasy races are you most interested in?
    Do you have a general understanding of progression in this server?
    What's your favorite biome to build in?
    What's your favorite type of wood in Minecraft?

    I really like your lore, really up there in quality!
    I will give you another vote, but please answer the questions at your earliest convenience. 2/5

  • Viscount

    Very nice! Your builds are really cool. Take another vote! (3/5)

  • Baron

    Like the others have said, quality stuff. Vote 4/5.

  • Baron

    Vote 5/5

  • @bryson3842
    Favourite colour, would have to be purple
    Fantasy races, I'd have to say elves, if I was choosing from the ones in your lore id say the Toten
    I have a basic understanding of it, but will give it another read over
    Cant go wrong with the classic plains biome, but I do love the colour of the dark oak forest
    Id have to say its a 50/50 between spruce and acacia

  • Viscount

    Welcome to Candarion Marleys! Liege offers may now commence.

  • Minister Duke

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

    I would like to extend the offer for you to join me in Obrexia, a land of magic and growth in a turbulent time. If you have any questions please feel free to ask on here or discord.

    I am in EST but feel free to message me whenever or every minute until I respond, but I will get back to you as soon as I can.

    Some more images can be found here on my imgur.

    Join soon and get a free 13.00+ speed horse! Also, I am more than willing to do a tour whenever you want.

  • Baron

    Feel free to check out Kryizon, there is fast travel from spawn, and our lore on the forum and the wiki, if you want to join just let me know.

  • Baron

    I don't have a fancy advertisement for my realm yet, but I'd like to formally invite you to join Abijungya.

    Stuff in my realm:
    Magic, and lots of it
    Faeries, elves, and merfolk, oh my!
    Colonialism (Hey, not everything has to be good)

    Abijungya is one of the youngest realms so you'll have plenty of opportunity to make your mark on the lore. Let me know if you want a tour of the realm (it will be very quick lol). I'm usually available to be reached on discord for that sort of thing unless I'm at work.

  • Prince

    alt text

    Thank you for your interest in Helios, the Dawn Lands." We are a realm who pride ourselves on vivid story telling and cohesive building. The framework of the Realm is such that stories can come from many avenues and a good story is far more important to me than building without purpose. Hopefully the brief information below, and the more detailed information on the Wiki will peak your interest and you will consider Helios in your search for a realm.

    alt text


    Helios is a land shaped by the brutality of its surroundings, and the protection of the Gods. Helian's are a strong and dependable people who are tempered by horrors that would break lesser peoples, and often does. The Six Gods of Helios shape every aspect of life for Helian people. Sol the Chief, Wenna the Goddess of good and light, Lorna the Goddess of dark and secrets, Alkourie the God of war and violence, Omar the God Nature and death, Zayl the God of magic and knowledge.

    Helios as a nation was fractured for generations, besieged on all fronts by monsters and violence. Only in the last century have they come together under one banner again. This unification has seen the lands of Helios prosper and grow as trade became safer and more resources could be shared for the common good. None of this could have been done if not for a group of monster slayers known as the Knights Valiant who are blessed by the gods to be holy warriors. If not for them the horrors of the wilds would still be endlessly ravaging the Helian populace. Even with the renewed strength of the Knight Valiant the wilds of Helios are filled with monsters and other horrors and only the strongest and most resourceful have survived through it all.

    Expansion looms on the horizon as the Great Houses of Helios finally become fully connected. What form that expansion will come in is unknown, but like anything to do with the warrior Helian's it will involve a fair share of violence.


    Helios Main Wiki Page


    • Beacon Quarry
    • Communal Storage
    • Starting Package of basic tools and armor
    • Writing editing and advice

    Your Place in it All

    I have always felt that Helios is a framework to tell stories. The grim dark of the land can feed uplifting and terrifying tales. Helios is shaped by it's people, and as such character driven storytelling is something that is paramount. While the general application process has you create a character to plop into a realm, Helios implores you to make a native Helian to explore the world with, rather than an outsider who may supremely struggle with the foreign and brutal landscape. While this isn't required it is something that could help to more easily tell stories within the realm.

    Builds. As important as the story telling. The land is sprawling and there are ample opportunities to build both small and large scale projects through out. Helios has several counties that each sport a unique, yet unified build style and culture. You can spend time in one or perhaps branch out to many. There is no set path in Helios and the goal is to get you invested in the realm either through builds or storytelling (ideally both) Those who stay with Helios in the long term are afforded large amounts of creative control over many projects both building and story so there is a fair amount of progression to be had.

    Ultimately what mark you leave on the realm is yours to decide and I, and the other Helian's will be here to help you realize that mark. Reach out to me for a tour of the realm and an abridged background.

  • Viscount

    my invitation letter is outdated, but yee join Ostaria if you're cool 🙂

  • Viscount

    alt text

    Read more about Martoise on our wiki!

    Note: Martoise requires use of the Excalibur resource pack.

  • @beijimon
    Id love to accept your offer of joining Martoise!
    Thankyou to everyone else who extended an offer to me

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