The Massacre of the the 'Lesser'

  • Baron

    The region of present-day Kryizon had been primarily made up of humans, specifically Kry, since before records began. Other races such as dwarves, elves and orcs had immigrated into the region over the past millennia, but the majority of the population had always been Kry humans. These 'lesser' races as described by the Kryizon government were generally accepted into Kryizon society. They were able to participate in trade, commerce and cultural events, but were restricted from entering into the army or the government, for which only Kry could participate in.

    This all changed after 705 FC, The year of the Twelve Kysars. After seeing a turbulent year of twelve men take on the title of Kysar the Empire would finally find stability in the Myridyon Dynasty. However, this Dynasty would not last nor would the one which succeeded it, the Kacedon Dynasty.
    In 730 FC a new Dynasty was formed, the Skylar Dynasty. Led by Kylon Atalyos Skylar, a brutal yet charismatic and effective leader. Kylon's 62-year reign would usher in a new dominance for Kryizon, one that had not been seen before. Kylon blamed the problems of the Empire on the 'lesser' races. Elves, Orcs and Dwarves were targeted and harassed by the general populous, as the government produced mountains of propaganda laying blame for Kryizon's fault on the nefarious work of these races, who were trying to undermine Kryizon.

    On a cold winter’s night in 731 FC, things became significantly worse for these minorities, armed militias and Imperial troops marched through the streets, setting fire to shops and houses of these now persecuted minorities.
    Thousands of people were taken from their homes and locked up in prisons. This night later came to be known as the 'Red Night,' it would not be the last of these such events.
    Protests about the Red Night were strictly forbidden and people who were caught doing so were also imprisoned. It quickly became apparent that the prisons were filling up and another solution needed to be found. The Prime Chancellor, Pentheus Lyvidcus suggested sending them to the front lines, Kylon was initially hesitant but eventually agreed to the proposal.
    An estimated 30,000 minorities were sent South-East from Kryizon towards the Western front, where five Kryizon Legions were battling the Agerons.
    When they arrived, some were given wooden swords, others wooden shields, most however, had nothing. As dawn broke the two armies prepared to fight in what later became known as the 'Battle of the Lessers.' With Kryizon soldiers at their rear and flanks, the prisoners were sent forward towards the charging Ageron army. By share numbers alone the prisoners were able to overpower the Agerons and manage to send them fleeing, this, however came at great cost to the prisoners as the number of casualties approached 17,000.
    That night whilst the Kryizon soldiers were celebrating their victory, a group of prisoners known as the 'Courageous 12' organised a revolt, in a single night 10,000 prisoners agreed to the plan. They planned to attack the soldiers the following morning as they broke fast, the unprepared soldiers would not be able to react in time to the huge wave of attackers. Thus the prisoners could gain their freedom and attempt to seek asylum in a neighbouring kingdom.
    However, this plan was foiled as one of the prisoners decided to rat the other prisoners out, by telling one of the Legionnaires about the plan.
    Enraged the General Akyus Cadmon had his soldiers arm themselves and gave them strict orders to execute every single prisoner, man woman or child.
    By sunrise it was done, the field lay a strewn with more than 30,000 bloodied bodies. Some soldiers had refused the orders to kill the innocent, they found themselves crucified along the edge of the field.
    News of this atrocity never reached the Kryizon public, it was finally revealed after three years. When the information was released it was a bloody reminder of the extreme unwavering power and ruthlessness that Kysar Kylon possessed.
    Today, 300 years later, orcs, elves and dwarves find themselves in Kryizon again, primarily around trading towns and ports. The laws about these minorities are still enforced, they cannot have citizenship, vote, run for office, own land or be in the military. They are no longer persecuted, like they were in the 730’s, however Kryizon can still be a dangerous place for these most unfortunate beings.

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