Joining the Diamond Pact, 7 SC to ~30 SC

  • Minister Duke

    For many years, Obrexia had used Isara as a safe haven. The canal was absolutely vital in getting people and supplies from the larger Candarion Sea to the Helian Sea. After Bryson Hawkson came into power, one of his main goals was to foster better relations with Obrexia’s trading partners. One such thing was joining The Diamond Pact, a protection agreement for the much smaller realm of Isara, to help defend and protect the flow of trade in the region.

    Others had attempted to seize Isara in the past, but they had a staunch ally in Helios, and with their military might, future incursions were staved off. Having Obrexian ships patrol the nearby waters secured them a spot in the pact, and Bryson Hawkson himself made the journey to Isara, to carve the name of Obrexia into the pact stone, intertwining their fates, as well as getting a much better rate for anyone flying the Obrexian flag to use the canal. With the historic event happening in 7 S.C., this was one of the earlier trade agreements that Ruler Hawkson would go on to make.

    This deal helped trade between the nations of Obrexia and Helios flourish, and of course eventually the trade between Obrexia and Kaligos. Though still quite rare in many inland Obrexian markets, goods from Helios can be seen in many of the larger port markets, and for a cheaper price than in the past. This has led to a small boom in the secondhand Eros Works, as a newer and greater quantity of them are flowing out of Helios.

    Some merchants of course chose to settle within Isara, as it was a more central location to carry out their operations. There were of course many adjustments to get used to, like sand being everywhere, and a good portion of people speaking in sign language, but it wasn’t too many years before they were able to integrate. There were a few Daoine merchants who managed to settle a small Oasis out a bit into the desert, and even a Druid who found their bond there.

    The Druid went on to become known as the Druid of the Sands, a title which they wear with pride, being half Isaran by blood, and having never left the sands themselves. Their bond was a scorpion brood mother, and together they help supply the Oasis with lush greenery and make Isara slightly less dependent on any foreign food deliveries.

    By around 30 S.C., the Oasis community was thriving, though the traditional Daoine building techniques had to be altered to use supplies they had on hand, as well as their integration with Isaran culture. Most of the immigrated Daoine have had more than enough time to learn Cinturn, and of course, their children had grown up with it, though An Teanga was not neglected in their upbringing. Overall, this generation and the one after are a unique blend of peoples and cultures that are very distinct from one another, though they are quite visually distinct as well, as some received the red hair of their Daoine parents and the dark skin of their Isaran parents.

    An excerpt from 'Lifeblood of the West', found within the High Library, written by Historian Rhys O'Dunn.