Dalecaran Land Claim

  • Baron

    Hello! I've just made baron a few moments ago, so this will be my first land claim for the purpose of starting a new realm: Dalecara. Like the rest of my lore, it draws on Old Norse influences, and Polynesian sea-faring tradition.

    The claim is located to the NE of my old settlements on the west coast of Helios and roughly the size of the Mushroom Gulag. Happy to answer any questions!

    alt text

  • Minister Duke

    My only concern would be that part of the realm is outside what we consider our 'play' area. So long as that is all good, and Tywen has no objections, this seems good to me.

  • Baron

    If you've spoken to your close neighbors, I'm fine with it. In regards to Bryson's concern that it's out of our 'play' area, the territory seems to appear on the Over World Map, but what are the general coordinates of the area? I tried looking at it on the dynmap but the coordinates are not showing up as they have in the past.

  • Baron

    I couldn't find anything referencing a play area, but if you meant the world border, it's still inside. For reference, Isilioth is further west(ish).

  • Baron

    Tywen and I also talked about the claim a few months back, so unless he has changed his mind, I should be good in that regard as well!

  • Baron

    Then I am very satisfied! Good luck with your claim and future realm!

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