Arrival of Clan Leafhammer

  • Baron

    Last Fire 43 SC

    To esteemed local leader

    Written by Quartermaster Domino Coria of the Gale-rider


    We, having pain, having sorrow, seek asylum.
    Our home, having died, having burned, is lost.
    You, having One, being One. We, having One, becoming One.

    Clan Leafhammer, as One, joining One, bringing the Spark, rebuild, remain.
    Saviors, having grace, bringing hope, welcome us.

    Presently, upon the sea-boar, being cold, being hungry, we await welcome.


    Kor Leafhammer


    I must depart before the weather turns.
    Please collect these good people as soon as you can.
    I'm not taking them with me.


  • Baron

    Clan Leafhammer,

    Many apologies. We do not speak your tongue and so we had much difficulty understanding the meaning of your message. I am Andel Kinoke, the head of the council of Yedounitse . A merchant in my council's jurisdiction received your message and delivered it to me. Many outsiders have arrived in our land since the comet. We must warn you that you must welcome the land, or it will not welcome you.

    We have heard that you are cousins of the Helians. Do you follow The Six as well? We will give you direction to their village, and perhaps you may create a home in a nearby valley.

    We wish you safe voyage,

    The Council of Yedounitse

  • Baron

    I've put words to the message as best I can. Communicating with these folks is a hell of an experience. They seem alright.

    Sprechers, the Merchant

    The Council,

    We have no Six, only One.
    It seems this merchant is better able to convey our messages than the quartermaster previously.
    We have no interest in dealing with more Helians at this time.
    If welcome is forthcoming, we do not presume to choose where, but ask mercy in placing us far from the Helians.

    Kor Leafhammer

  • Baron

    Kor Leafhammer,

    We apologize for the misunderstanding. There is still much about the world we have to learn.

    There is a small forest to the north of our village. The trees are healthy and the spirits there are kind, though wary of outsiders. That wariness is common throughout our lands, though. This forest is away from the Helians, People of the Six.

    We understand now that you are People of the One. We find comfort in this similarity, because we too are people of a One. Though we are also people of a Many.

    Could you tell us more of the Spark? This sounds familiar to our people. Perhaps we know of the Spark too.

    We wish you safe voyage,
    The Council of Yedounitse

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