The Comet's Return

  • Minister Duke

    “My lord,” An aide comes rushing towards the table, coming in from outside as he is a bit damp from the light rain.

    “Yes, James?” He straightens a bit with a slight smile at my remembrance of his name.

    “There is something among the sky, my lord. The old priest is making his way here, I passed him when I was sent. The lighthouse spotted it first and I was running a message to one of the keepers, so I was sent to you right away.” He looks a bit nervous from standing before me, but I know that remembering names cultivates loyalty.

    “Send the servant away, we must see this for ourselves.” Lord Ajaxin waves away as if shooing an animal. I can see in James’ eyes that his disdain grows a bit. Cultivating good people is hard to do when imbeciles like him are around.

    “Please, James. I will make sure to send for you personally when I have messages I need to deliver.” I nod toward the door, and James nods respectfully, bowing slightly as he leaves.

    “Let us head to the balcony, but I need you to remember that you are not in charge here. My father may have passed, but that makes me the head of this realm, not you.” I glare more than a little bit towards him.

    “Keep your head on, young one. Elders are to be respected.” He gives a not so small glare himself.

    I move forward towards the back door to look out over the north district, stopping when I see the comet above. I manage to keep my jaw on, but the priest chooses this moment to make himself known.

    “The ancestors grace us with change. It is no coincidence that the change in leadership of the Obrexian House happens at this point in time, while I grieve for him, and for you, there are larger plans at work among us. Our prophecy for change has finally rung true, with a sign from the heavens, the ancestors work great miracles in the world around us.” He stops to take a breath as we all bask in the glow coming from above. I can see below us that everyone has stepped out of their homes and onto the street. The rainbow of colours coming off of the trail light the whole of Hawk’s Landing.

    “You are right about one thing, Priest Thomus, times are indeed changing.”

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