The Abandoned Golem, Part 1

  • Baron

    "It's broken! Just let it rust. Useless damned thing."

    With that, the two farmhands let go of the golem. The metal being sank further into the earth.

    The farmer nodded his head towards the fields, silently indicating to the farmhands to get back to work. He then followed behind them. "I shoulda never listened to that Kohese merchant. Miraculous living metal! It has less brains than a two-assed ox, and gets in twice the shit that thing." He chuckled, if a bit bitterly.

    The golem stared emptily at the retreating men. Mud bubbled over its head, and soon it was entirely sunken beneath the ground.

    Rain pitter-pattered on the half exposed body of the golem. Its body was caked in grime and muck, but despite its age it was remarkably rust free. Its eyes brightly flashed. The golem's gaze quickly went across the landscape, then to the sky, then down to itself. The rapid movement of its pupils ceased.

    Who... am I?

    The golem flinched as a sharp bolt of pain struck his head.

    Fucking useless! Worthless metal beast.

    The golem looked to his left side. Laying in the mud was a broken nub of a forearm. He lifted it to his face, and he examined the jagged edge at the elbow. He looked to his right side. Though he was still mostly submerged under the mud, the cavity in his shoulder clearly indicated a missing arm.

    Use... less?
    Yooose lesssss.

    I am Yoosliss.

    With a heave Yoosliss lifted his torso out of the ground. He instinctively reached his left arm to the earth, but there was no hand to catch it. He fell to the side, and his face splashed into the mud. The golem groaned. The noise resonated in his hollow chest. He raised himself up again, this time more slowly to avoid making use of his arms in what must be an old habit. Slowly, he worked his legs free from the dirt as well. Yoosliss took another look at himself. Aside from the layer of grime covering him - and the obvious lack of arms - he was in good condition. His legs only barely squeaked! He shook himself in a half-hearted attempt to remove the mud caked on every surface of his body, but it was to little success. He managed to dislodge a snail that had been making its way across his torso, but the eerily glowing mushrooms on his shoulders and backside were quite comfortable remaining in their current residence.

    Yoosliss walked towards a nearby hill. Hopefully its overhang would provide some relief from the onslaught of the rain. He mulled over his newly adopted name, trying each new intonation as if it were a garment one were trying on for size. With each vocalization, the mushrooms on him flashed. The golem was too distracted to notice, however.

    Yooo ooo slesss.