A Slow Boat to Helios

  • Baron

    Cold's Edge 43 SC

    Vryn leans hard against the tiller, fighting the pull of the brisk easterly winds.
    His vision blacks as he battles to maintain consciousness.
    Several sleepless night have left him a ghost, barely cognizant of anything apart from the roaring wind and crashing waves.
    Why had the crew abandoned them? Left them to drift in this sinking ship?

    He'd tied himself to the rail near the tiller, a choice demonstrating more foresight than he knew he possessed.
    His entire sailing experience had been trial and error, but he was going to get his clan to safety.
    His vision returns as he bounces once more off hard deckrail. He reaches once more for the tiller.

    Main sail taut, the once proud cog moves low and slow through the choppy sea.
    Vryn can see the lights of the port ahead, if he can only keep the limping sea-boar from being dashed upon the rocky coast.
    His vision blacks once more, then returns. He's lying on the deck again.
    Vryn thinks he will not be conscious much longer.
    Reaching inside to gather his Spark, and with as much as he can gather, he projects one thought:

    "Help us"

    A watchman in Orbitus looks up from his paperwork, "Who was that?"
    He goes to the window and raises his spyglass, looking toward the source of the .. sound?, somehow out to sea.
    The watchman spies the errant ship, black sails full in the wind.

  • Prince

    A City watchmen with a gold helm stepped up to the magistrates side. He removed it and clutched it under his arm. "There seem to be many on board, we are barely able to keep the Priestess off the ship."

    The Magistrate grumble as he looked out at the newly docked ship. They had not lowered a gangplank and city watchmen stood at the ready to catch anyone who might be jumping for safety. They were always wary of unattended ships.

    "If they are in need of aid, there is no harm in letting the Priestess onto the ship. Wenna will protect them better than we are able." He stepped forward and placed his hand on one of the piers and leaned hard against it. The Watchmen waved to the far side of the dock the ship was on and shot a thumb at the seven gathered priestess. They began to lower a gangplank and the priestess quickly hustled onto the ship.

    "Have you heard back from the Garrison?"

    "Yes Magistrate, they said they are sending riders to assist us and support is coming as well, they intend to camp them outside of the city until they can be processed."

    "Any watch that is not already guarding this ship should be sent to aid them, honestly anyone who wishes to lend a hand I will not turn away. But when they disembark I want everyone except the soldiers there. If there is a plague I will not risk my people."

    "Yes Magistrate, right away."

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