A Wonderful Dinner (Living Post)

  • Minister Duke

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    It was a fairly cool evening for spring, but the many guests seemed to care little for it. They all walked grouped rather closely together, peering down at the plants as they ascended the hill upon which the manor sat. Leading them was an older gentleman, dressed sharply in pressed formal wear, but his movements were more fluid than his appearance would lead one to believe. A sword rested upon his waist, though it was far more utilitarian than the rest of his outfit. This was Caspien, Voice of the Stailceoir. He lead the motley crew to his lord, Ruler Bryson Hawkson.

    They entered the manor quickly enough, and it wasn't long before they all laid eyes upon the dining room. It was a regal place, though quite subdued at the moment. The fire in the fireplace less roaring and more of a gentle simmer, giving a more homely atmosphere than the decor of the room would suggest. At the far end of the table, a man was rising. His clothes were also less than one would probably expect, and Caspien knew that his lord had changed from the clothes that he had picked out for him, but nothing could be done of that now.

    Hawkson stepped forward, with his bonded familiar Helena alighting upon his shoulder, and says, "Welcome, Clan Bright-eye. We have much to talk about."

  • Baron

    At that, Kerf, with surprising speed, draws his harvest dagger, spins it, and presents the handle to Caspien, who eyes Kerf warily. Kerf, grinning ear to ear, with just a hint of mischief in his eye, nods to him.

    Caspien reaches for the knife, and as he grasps it, a flood of emotion and though enters his mind.
    Impressions of pain, loss, gratitude, hope, and then a singular formed thought: "The harvest is complete!"

    The exchange complete, Kerf releases his grip on the dagger and skips giddily toward the table, still grinning.

    Caspien turns back to see the next Elder, awaiting him, dagger handle extended.