Re: Calendar

  • Baron

    The Coghanese calendar is divided into twelve months each of thirty days. These days are grouped into five weeks, each of six days, and "weekends" occur on the third and final day of each week. Coghan enjoys higher internal productivity by circumventing the burnout of a five-day week, but a common complaint is that the single-day breaks are insufficient to warrant longer periods of travel and leisure, despite a common understanding that they suffice as rest time from duty.
    The final five days of the year are the Days of Death, wherein nobody leaves their homes, no activity takes place on the streets, and Coghan observes a five-day memorial of reverence for the year. The Forum Hall during this time is attended in full, and often the politicians of Coghan will make much interpersonal and legal headway during this time, drafting laws for debate and subsequent enactment within the first days and weeks of the new year. If a new council is to be elected, they take office the first day of the year, and the end of the Days of Death are met with five days more of feasting, festivities, and games.
    The year numbering system of Coghan always had been arbitrary: years would reset to zero whenever new Prelates were consecrated. However, the general calendar system of the Realms has given Coghan a year (and alternate dating) system to latch on to, and so they have reassigned their year numbers accordingly.