Concern for a Comet

  • Baron

    The Valeyard stood out on the balcony above the portico which adjoined his office chambers. The night air was cool and the wind so calm as to be non-existent.

    Septimus usually stood in this spot and watched the streets below bustle with activity, but instead he craned his neck upwards and into the sky, his gaze fixed on the white streak which split the black sky in two.

    It had been 2 weeks since the comet appeared above Arcadia, and the people had been able to talk about little else since. On every street corner, in every forum and bathhouse, people wondered and worried about what this phenomenon would mean.

    Some see it as a bad omen, a prelude to the end of the world. Panic buying of food has taken hold in some quarters, with traders in the market only too eager to take advantage with rising prices. In contrast, there are those who say the comet is a sign of good fortune. Most look at this strange light in the sky and ignore it, their lives simply too busy to worry about abstract things above their heads.

    Septimus himself was worried. For over several centuries, no comet had lingered in the sky this long. Once it became clear that this one would be with us for some time, he consulted The Shapers Guild for advice. What they said left him concerned.

    “Once the comet has left our skies, the destruction of a great power will begin”

    Septimus had pondered those words for several days. He hopes that the power in question was not his own

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