Penance of Ridelga

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    Of the many rituals Aiolian Quaotocolumne participates in, none represents the love of the gods more than the Penance of Ridelga.

    When Eternal first enlightened us with the gods of Sucia, there were many reluctant heretics. With time and patience, many of them were coerced convinced to begin the rituals. One ritual that began in Filicudi before it migrated to Salina is the Penance of Ridelga. Ridelga, the god of fertility, the sower of riches of both minerals and soil, spreads good fortune to those who are good citizens, obeying the law and worshipping the gods. As the miners in Filicudi went through a particularly dry spell of ore for several years, they began to suspect something was amiss. It was discovered that not all of their neighbors were worshipping the gods, and in fact had resorted back to the old, terrifying spirits.

    To cure their city of this grievous offense, their souls were offered to appease Ridelga. In honor of the bull-headed god, great hollow bulls were cast out of their remaining bronze. The heretics were thrown inside the metal bovine and fires were lit beneath their bellies. Soon, the screams of the infidels could be heard throughout the city, reverberating off of the mountains they had delved deep inside. The onlookers wept, for they were their friends and family. But the penance must be paid.

    Within the day, the miners stumbled upon a massive vein of tin, a gift from Ridelga in thanks for their sacrifice. Every year since, whatever criminals happen to be in the jails at the time are brought to the bulls where their screams trumpet through the specially shaped nostrils. The noise amplifies their suffering, increasing the penance paid by the city.

    This ritual has spread to Salina, where farmers seek the riches of soil rather than the minerals of the rock. They too perform the sacrifice once a year before the planting in spring to bless the harvest.

    ~Ridelga scribe Lucius

    December Seventh Lore Challenge

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    Wow, that's fire. 🔥

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