Origin of the Aiolian Banner

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    Behold the Sun, for with it Talos provides us warmth and Life.
    He beats back the Storm, with which Typhon the Tempest brings Death.
    Talos is the Avenger, the Sword, Praise be to Mighty Talos.

    Behold the Mountains, for with them Vounó provides our riches and good Fortune.
    He beats back the Sea, with which Aegaeon the Vortex brings Death.
    Vounó is the Defender, the Shield, Praise be to Stalwart Vounó.

    Behold the Dusk and Dawn, for with them Eos and Astraios provide us Fertility and Health.
    They beat back the Moon, with which Elatha the Trickster brings Madness.
    Eos is the Provider, Astraios is the Healer, Praise be to Guardians Eos and Astraios.

    -Old Aiolian Prayer

    It is from the old gods that the Aiolian banner is derived. Even Eternal could not stamp out all of Aiolian religion, and to appease some of the dissenters to avoid outright war he allowed the banner. The sun represents Talos, the mountains Vounó, the purple Eos and Astraios. The prominent features and royal dye of the flag more than surpassed Eternal’s expectations. The banner was accepted, though its meaning has been largely lost in regions dominated by Quatocolumne. Each city-state has a variation of the banner with the most prominent features of their geologic area with different gods represented, but they nearly always come back to the same four featured on the realm’s banner.

    December Fifth Lore Challenge

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