Excerpt from “A conclusive study on the Dechiret Mountain Peoples”

  • Baron

    Excerpt from “A conclusive study on the Dechiret Mountain Peoples”
    The savages of the Dechiret mountains, commonly referred to as “Mountain Dwellers”, are an indigenous, largely nomadic group of humans who live and travel around the various peaks surrounding Martoise. While no formal study of their culture has yet been undertaken, many men of the mountain guard have passed their stories along and given us the largest picture of these groups to date.

    It is commonly believed by the lowborn of Martoise that the mountain dwellers are mindless savages, existing only to raid caravans and attack border villagers. The findings we aim to lay out in this book show that the mountain people have not only a strong spiritual connection to nature but strict rituals showing an advancement of religion not expected of people prone to such violence.

    As far as their rituals go, these strange peoples can be seen doing ritual sacrifices at odd times. One full moon for example, a tribe of mountain dwellers was seen to slit the mid section of a man and watch as his innards filled a cauldron. It is unknown what would be done with the contents of said cauldron, but one's thoughts immediately strays towards the odd stew they have been observed to eat. Another notable quirk is their complete lack of any organized structures. While the mountain dwellers never build any structures of their own, preferring to make camp as they travel the lands, they have no problem making camp in the ruins of one Chateau Fluvial.

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