Relinquishment of Sucia and New Claim

  • Baron

    I wish to relinquish my claim to Sucia and its associated lore. I've been away for a while and part of that is due to a dissatisfaction with the realm and how it was developing. This was partly due to poor planning on my part.

    Moving forward, I would like to claim the following island in the south west section of the map. The lore I'm developing for this new realm involves seafaring, Celtic inspired people



    I welcome any questions or observations!

  • Baron

    As someone who just did so too, I fully understand how you feel, and I see no problems for you doing so. Do you have anything built right now ? In Sucia ?

  • Baron

    @BoiteMan There are a few places where improvements and buildings have been made. Arcadia has had extensive landscaping and currently has roughly 20 buildings. South of that is a series of farmlands and dwellings.

  • Minister Duke

    More than fine with the dissolution, just from here on would rather have claims and relinquishment be seperate.

  • Baron

    I forgot to put this up previously, but as part of my relinquishment of Sucia, its borders will reduced to the red area as shown below.

    This removes the areas north and south which have seen no builds


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