Sir Solomon's Guide to Physical Perfection

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    Sir Solomon Guides

    Sir Solomon was a Knight Valiant during the mid Nocturne Age, he was a paragon of his time, one of the few Knight Valiant who traveled to each of the major holds. This was a feat far greater than now given there were no real roads between settlements and orcs controlled the bay area that would later become Hyperion.

    Sir Solomon, as plentiful as his knightly deeds were is best known for being a champion of physical fitness and what he brought to each hold and every small settlement he encountered was his considerable knowledge of physical training. He took in what the locals did and incorporated it into his own works. While he could teach others his works his greatest barrier was that once he was gone there was no way for them to correct poor form or ask questions or grow beyond the basics. That was when he spent time drawing a complete manual of all of the exercises and training routines he had used and found results and for what purposes.

    This was the First Solomon Guide, known as “Sir Solomons Guide to Physical Perfection” In his lifetime he is said to have hand drawn more than 100 copies of the guide. Now days the old Sir Solomon Guide has given way to other “Solomon Guides” of more specific nature. Smiths have their own guide, mages and fighters as well. But the original guide still serves as the basis of calisthenics throughout every Aquilla in Helios.