Septimus Unnamed Land Claim

  • Baron

    I am making a claim to the forested/swamp island in the south western section of the map, for a new, as yet unnamed realm.



    My plan is to take inspiration from Celtic, Nordic and Breton cultures, creating a realm of seafaring forest dwellers.

    Please note this claim is contingent on the Relinquishment of Sucia being approved.

    I welcome any questions or observations

  • Baron

    The one issue I have is the size, as it's larger than the average claim of the mushroom gulag and many other first claim realms. As you're not going into this claim carting around vassals, I'd like to see it reduced to a more average size. Perhaps revoking the claim on the swamp and northern bit? The "head of the hammer" if you catch my meaning, is roughly the size I would prefer off of the claim.

  • Viscount

    @Iokastos I'd argue though, that considering it is an island, if he reduced part of the island ---- why? No one is going to claim that part of the island regardless. It wouldn't be in the way of anything. Since it's an island, I think it is acceptable. Granted, if the island were 5 times larger, then I'm sure there would be an issue as someone else could possibly claim land there if they wanted, but that isn't the case with this one.

  • Viscount

    I agree with Ioka, this claim is nearly the size of Obrexia and is too large for an initial realm. The fact that it's an island doesn't matter -- land claim size isn't only to dissuade people from settling nearby but also to prevent people from reserving, and then not using, large areas of the map. Once the realm is established and it's clear the land will be used, he can always claim more of the island.

  • Viscount

    @beijimon Id argue it is already reserved if he were to even claim simply half the island. It doesn't even matter if it is used or not, because no one else will ever use it if a realm already sits upon it, so he might as well claim it now. I would see no difference.

  • Viscount

    @Darius Making assumptions about where people will want to claim realms is a mistake. I agree that it's very unlikely someone else would claim the island, but we shouldn't act like that's the definite future. I just don't really see why we should break precedent for something like this, where he can easily just claim more land when he develops what he has.

  • Viscount

    @beijimon Anyone willing to settle on that island would definitely need septimus' permission and that goes without question, and if he desires to claim the whole island as of now, I doubt that permission would be granted. So I just see it relatively pointless to wait is all.

  • Baron

    @Darius In addition to following the precedent previous claims have set and the points Beiji has brought up, there's also the matter of the "build spread" across the claim. If Seppy (not to imply that he would) was to go inactive or abandon the claim, a smaller claim reduces the impact and area of the builds he constructed. Claims are a matter of using what you have completely before getting more to demonstrate that you have earned that land, that you need the new space because of the work you've put into your current space. In no world should a claim be made because "eh, I'm going to have that eventually, and there's nobody who's going to move into it, may as well take it." If Seppy can demonstrate that his smaller, average-sized claim has been utilized and developed then he can claim the rest of the island. Giving it to him just because he'll eventually have it (if nothing goes wack) is not how claims should be done.

  • Baron

    I'd like to address the discussion which has formed since my initial post.

    I initially based my claiming of the entire island on the fact that someone else wold be unlikely to claim half an island if I were there already, and the fact that I'm relinquishing a realm larger than the mushroom gulag, so its more 'like for like'.

    I do concede that the larger claim, in conjunction with my recently coming out of extended absence does not inspire confidence that I will adequately utilise the entire island, so I'm willing to revise the claim to the following :


    This removes any claim to the swamp on the northern end of the island. I'll roll this change of borders into my planned lore for the area

    Hopefully this resolves any issues people may have about the claim size

  • Baron

    Glad we came to an agreement here. I was also concerned about the size of the land claim.

    I don't want to set the precedent that a portion of land should be claimed because "it will be claimed by them eventually anyways". It could be very likely, but we just don't know for sure how a realm will develop.

  • Baron

    That looks good to me, no issues. As I recall, the reason you were granted such a large initial claim was that there were multiple people in Sucia, and as they've moved on and it's a solo claim, it should be the normal size.

  • Prince

    I know you are already working on a name, but i'd like this named before approval.

  • Baron

    I am also glad we could come to an agreement on a slightly smaller claim; the precedent thing and all lol

    This has got my thumbs up!

  • Baron


    This might change in the very near future, but I'm provisionally going to name my claim Ella Credanh (Isle of Credan)

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