Isaran Helians

  • Prince

    Helian's have been in Isara for some time. At first the Helians kept to themselves, they were warriors only and saw their time in the desert as temporary, a means to protect that was all. Helians are known as Dorn, which is the Isaran word for Sword, and paired with the appropriate sign is also known as Killer.

    Over time and companies came and went there were many who saw the desert land as home and stayed even when their service was done. This was the same time many merchants, who dealt primarily with the Isaran people, relocated to the realm. Little Hyperion was born of this immigration.

    Those people of mixed blood found themselves outcast in their own society where, and often false, claim of pure blood was very important to social standing. While they would be anathema in Isaran society they found a home with the Helians who saw them only as one of their own. Cultural sharing was hard as the two people didn't always see eye to eye. Those mixed blood with Helians are known as E'Dorn which is the term for short sword or dagger. Combined with the right sign it can mean Assassin.

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