Amending Relinquishment Rules:

  • Baron

    This proposal would amend section 9, subsection d of the charter. As per discussion in discord, many of us agreed that in the case of relinquishment of a realm, if the realm is not reset and the builds still exist, and there are lore connections between that realm and others that make simply nuking it out of existence troublesome, there should be some way for those relinquished builds to still count towards a players individual rank for the realm leader.

    The way we came to a general consensus amongst people in the discussion was that when you relinquish a realm, you have to either request that it be nuked off the map and removed so that the land can be claimed by someone else and reused, or that you request that it be preserved, the claim shrunk to only encompass the developed land, and given to the ministry of lore to be held in trust, etc. If you do this, you can request that the builds you as the realm leader built in the claim still count towards your personal rank ascension. To do so, you must state why your builds and lore should be kept, i.e. lots of interconnected lore that would be difficult to retcon, a well developed area, etc. whatever your reasons are.

    A vote can be called against this request just like it can currently be called against the relinquishment. If you are claiming a new realm you can do so at the same time, but it must be in a seperate post, and if the relinquishment fails the new claim becomes null and void.

    Furhtermore, we agreed to impose a limit on the amount of abandoned realms you can use the build counts in to one. so if you relinquish a second realm and want it to stay, you have to choose which one you want to keep the build counts from, subject to a no vote if called.

    Also, we didnt discuss this in the discord, but i added a provision that vassals/former vassals of a relinquished realm can still count the builds as long as they still exist, i dotn think its fair for vassals to lose builds because a realm leader gives up on a realm

    heres my suggest change to the relevant subsection (changes/additions in BOLD)

    d. Relinquishment
    A realm may be relinquished by its realm leader through three methods:
    ● If the realm leader becomes withdrawn (section 12. Inactivity), they automatically
    relinquish control of their realm.
    ● If the realm leader wishes to transfer ownership to another player, they may do so
    through a public declaration, providing the transferee meets the requirements for
    realm ownership.
    ● For any other reason, the realm owner may make a post declaring the
    relinquishment of their realm. In this declaration, the realm leader must declare whether they want the realm to be removed from maps and reset, or if they wish it to be preserved. If they wish it to be preserved, they must include a map with a new border for the old realm, shrunken to only include developed areas At any point during the following week, a noble member may call for a vote to block the realm relinquishment. If the vote passes, the
    realm is not relinquished and continues to belong to the player.
    ● If the realm leaders opts to have the realm continue to exist, they have the option to request that their builds in the old realm still count for personal rank ascension, if so, they should post this request in the relinquishment declaration, as well as their reasoning for why the builds should still be counted. A vote may also be called against this request, by the same processes as calling a vote against the relinquishment
    ● If a player relinquishes multiple realms and opts for multiple of them to continue to exist as abandoned realms, only one abandoned realms builds can be counted for their individual rank ascensions. At the time of an additional relinquishment, the player must declare which realms builds theyd like to keep, also subject to a no vote

    1. The former Realm Leaders builds within a relinquished realm no longer count for rank ascensions unless they are successfully requested to.
      a. The player’s rank remains the same and maintains all rights granted to them
      b. The player is under no expectations to re-meet their rank reqs within any
      c. vassals/former vassals of the realms builds still count for personal rank ascensions
      d. If a former realm is reset, builds that no longer exist do not count for anyone

    2. The land (and therefore builds) are given to the Ministry of Lore for oversight and

    3. At any time after the Ministry of Lore acquires the land, another member of
      sufficient rank may make a Standard Land Claim of the land (and therefore any
      builds within the claim); this Land Claim follows the preexisting process.
      a. The preexisting builds within the (re)claimed land do not count for the new
      owner’s build count.
      b. The builds within the (re)claimed land belong to the new owner and may be
      handled in any way the new owner desires

  • Baron

    Looks good to me!

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