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    Miyata Satoshi is a young ellon (male elf) forty years of age. He lives in Kiyobetsu and drinks his days away at the tavern. His hobbies include pickpocketing, vandalism, and starting brawls. He is a 'ronin,' a disgraced samurai. He walks with a limp after losing his leg to one of kintsugi’s most vicious monsters, the daburukōru.

    Satoshi had been escorting his master, a nobleman, on a hunting trip with several of his master’s friends. All was well, the group of three nobles he was protecting had already caught several rabbits. Until one of the men got bored with their usual trip and decided to make the carriage driver take them further out. Satoshi attempted to warn against this decision, but was told to mind his place. They stopped at a plain about a mile outside of the city. Grouping together, the three nobles left the carriage driver, wandering into the long grass with Satoshi keeping watch. In the relatively flat area, a hill rose above the swaying yellow field. As they came upon it, they could see that the bottom of the hill was carved out, overhanging a lake that extended into the shadows beneath the hill. Satoshi immediately knew what kind of predator was hidden in there and pleaded with the nobles to leave immediately, that there were monsters in the area. They again told him to mind his place and to just keep watch. Frustrated, he stood as far from the cave as he could, and uttered a small prayer to Morkia that the horrific beast wouldn't wake. Then he heard it. The sound of a baby crying echoed from the cavernous lake. He ran up to his master, grabbing his arm and telling him that they needed to leave this instant. His master once again refused, confident in his and his fellows’ abilities and weapons, and the men went over to the cave to find the crying child. They made their way down to the water and began searching and calling out for the 'baby,' with Satoshi reluctantly following. A sudden explosion from the murky depths startled the group as a monstrous crescent skull rose from the water, snatching the first noble with speartip teeth and dragging him back into the cave. Satoshi, his master, and the remaining noble could only hear the sound of thrashing water echoing from the void as the beast death-rolled, tearing its prey to pieces. Satoshi grabbed his master, hauling him away from his doomed friend, the other noble following closely behind. They raced from the shore, climbing the shallow slope to plains beyond. As Satoshi and the others crested the rise, there was a shift in the long grass and Satoshi was suddenly in the mouth of a Daburukōru. He screamed in anguish, desperately unsheathing his sword to attempt to pierce its weak underbelly. The creature had a firm grasp on his leg and began to pull him back down the slope into the lake. His master shot with his small hunting bow, the arrow skittering off the hard skull. It released Satoshi from its maw and as he crawled away its long claws stabbed into his back as it diverted its attention to the primary threat. It lunged forward, far faster than any animal that size had any right to be, slicing a long, shallow wound up the length of Satoshi’s body as it dragged its claws for its next step. The young samurai screamed once more, now in disbelief and denial as he watched it snatch his master in its jaws through the red haze in his eyes. The remaining noble yelled at the beast and loosed another arrow, but the monster quickly pivoted, swinging its crescent bladed tail tip into its attacker. Impaled through the chest, the noble could only weakly struggle as the Daburukōru dragged its meal down to its lair. Satoshi could barely move, the pain was so great. Crawling through the grass felt like centuries as he gasped cries of help to the carriage driver. At last the man heard him, rushing to his body and inquiring after their masters. Satoshi could only shake his head, and they went back to the city, leaving the bodies of the nobles to be eaten, a massive taboo.

    When a samurai's master dies, they are expected to commit suicide rather than to live with their failure of duty. Satoshi was only nineteen at the time, he wasn't ready to die, especially not with the confrontation with mortality he had just had. So he had the carriage driver drop him off in a small village outside of town, one that would give him the medical help he needed without asking too many questions. The driver returned with the news that the samurai and the nobles had perished to monsters, that he had searched for them after they had not returned only to find the Daburukōru feasting on their bodies. With no weapons of his own, there was nothing he could do. The driver was kept in service, keeping the secret of the now dishonored samurai.
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    The Daburukōru

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