Minister of Applications Candidacy

  • Minister Duke

    It is time for the next minister term to come around. If you are of Baron rank or higher and wish to run for the position of Minister of Applications, please announce your candidacy here. You have until 1/3/21 to do so.

  • Baron

    I am announcing my intention to run for the role of Minister of Applications.

    I will be posting my proposed policies and intentions in due course

  • Baron

    Why vote for Septimus?

    I'm a long time player on this server and its ancestors, long enough to have become part of the furniture. I've been Applications Minister previously with various successes and no complaints.

    If elected, I'd like to accomplish a few things, namely I'd be reviewing our current Server FAQ and guides, Applications Ministry policies (which if Im not mistaken havent changed since I set them previously) and start a conversation about the way we currently admit new members; The current process for member applications is fine, but I'd like to see if anyone has ideas/thoughts on how to improve.

    In addition I'd also like to investigate the way we advertise the server and engage with new people. I think an increased presence on other social media would be worth looking into.

    I'd also like to revive a pet project of mine which has had trouble getting off the ground previously, and create some content for youtube. I'm thinking realm showcases or liege interviews as well as a server trailer.

    A collection of footage from various realms, already shot and collated would help us get these ideas off the ground. I'd be willing to sponsor a competition/event for people to submit their own footage as a way to kick start the initiative.

    I welcome any questions you may have in relation to the above.

    Remember, a vote for Septimus is a vote for success!

  • Baron

    @TheValeyard Since you clearly have plans of what you want to accomplish this term, I'll cede the position to you. Let me know if you want to keep me around as deputy to keep doing interviews n such, though.

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