Fun Fact: Battle Chants

  • Prince

    Battle Chants

    Battle chants are common in Helios. They are done before mock battles like Noteda Dais and on the field of war like with the recent Iron Moon Conflict. Some are done only for the individual and others for their enemies to be shaken by. While there are countless chants, these are some common ones.

    Alkouri's Gaze

    Screams and Cries.
    Blood as Paint.
    Guts as String.
    Flesh as Drum.
    Theater of War.
    Draw Gods Gaze!

    Line Chant

    Sunder yourself on willing blades
    Break your spears on sturdy shields

    (Repeated x5)

    No Retreat

    (Often this is said under ones breath or at a whisper.)

    Cunning Dagger, Brave Sword, Slick Spear, Drawn Bow, Sturdy Shield, Thundering Hammer.
    (Repeated x2)
    Bent Dagger, Broken Sword, Shattered Spear, Slipped String, Rent Shield, Cracked Mallet

    Noteda Chant

    Flags of enemies past hang forever in the halls of heaven
    Flags of foes vanquished, forgotten to men, hang forever in the halls of heaven
    Names of Heroes slain uttered into the fire at the heart of heaven
    On this battlefield, we are the memories of the fallen
    On this battlefield we strive to be the victors.

  • Baron

    I really enjoyed the rhythm of this. It's like poetry.

    Flags of enemies past hang forever in the halls of heaven

    Heaven is mentioned several times in the Noteda chant. What is Heaven and the afterlife in general like for the Helians?