K'oomquatte Municipal Structure

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    The town of K'oomquatte operates using a central planning committee comprised of representatives from each municipal department; public works, harbor authority, enforcement and protection, taxation, and relations. The committee meets twice a year and each department outlines their major projects and goals for the next portion of the year, at which time the committee then votes on the tasks presented. Because the committee meets so infrequently, all applications for new structures and major changes must be submitted at that time, this results in meticulous planning by most residents (and some last minute paper work for others).

    The departments and their roles are outlined below:

    Public Works
    They're responsible for the smooth and safe operation of town's infrastructure, including the water systems (aqueducts, sewers, etc.), waste removal and management, roads and walking paths, and the nightly lighting of the town's lamps.

    Harbor Authority
    The harbor authority is responsible for the safe operation of all docks and waterways surrounding the town, they manage the docking schedules, provide pilots, mapping, and include a person from the department of taxation to handle and tariffs being enforced on inbound goods.

    Enforcement and Protection
    This department operates the K'oomquatte police force and emergency response committee, though the police force is fairly small and most disputes are handled outside of any official channels. The emergency response committee is comprised of volunteers who live in the community and are obligated to respond to any fires or large accidents in the town. Should a fire occur, the primary attack plan involves relying on a strategic placement of buckets and containers that reside inside businesses and on public land throughout the town. When a fire breaks out, the volunteers begin to suppress the fire with the buckets and nearby water sources; the public works department will also divert water from other areas of the town to supplement the increased demand. Enforcement and Protection also maintains a network of underground shelters that are interconnected and accessible from a variety of buildings and homes for use in an attack or disaster where it is deemed safer to wait it out then evacuate or fight back. The entrances to this network are marked on the exterior of each building by a red clay disc, making them easily identifiable to the residents- should the shelters need to be used.

    The taxation department manages the collection and distribution of the taxes levied in the town. All taxes are collected biannually just prior to the biannual department meetings, at which time funds and budgets are then set for each respective department and proposed or ongoing projects.

    The department of relations is responsible for the efficient and accurate relaying of information between department, and between K'oomquatte and other towns or realms. Among the services they offer include a messenger service that makes use of horseback and boats to move information across the town or realm. The relations department is also responsible for settling disputes between departments, acting as an intermediate for both parties and making providing judgments on various topics at hand.

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    K'oomquatte surely is a beacon of civilization.

    What happens in the event of unauthorized urban development?