The Sect

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    The Sect

    Men were not always so downtrodden in Helios, there was a time long before the Nocturne Age and the ages before that where men flourished and time was new. The Gods still showed themselves in physical forms and still moved the earth to their will. Not all men were pleased with this exclusion from creation and sought to be their own masters, they sought to be equals to the gods. During this time there was no magic kept from Humanity, if one worked hard and have the fortitude to cast a spell they could do so.

    The Sect knew that there were limits to the power the mortal form could use, they knew that mortality was the greatest weakness the gods had bestowed upon them, but that mortality was also a great strength. One sacrifice meant a great burst of strength, a hundred sacrifices meant one could wield the might of the gods. The Sect sought to break their mortality so that no more sacrifices would be needed, if they could attain the power of the gods, they could remove the mortal chains from all Helians and there would never need to be fear, or war or any danger because death was the only thing to fear.

    The sacrifice that day saw thousands perish, many loyal to the sect and many others who were slaves and captives. Of those who sought immortality that day only three truly were in a place to take it for themselves. They were already powerful spellcasters, and they had placed themselves in positions of power in the sect.

    • Berizon the Baleful
    • Heser the Horrid
    • Ferdinan the Ferocious

    The three transcended the mortal coil but what came out of the otherside was not human at all and not godly. They became undead demigods, powerful enough to threaten the gods as a group but not enough to truly unseat them. Seeing that they would never reach a place to equality with the heavens and their horrible undead forms they turned on the people they had once hoped to save. In an affront to the creations of the gods they took their had at creation and the foul creatures that came from their minds were a pure reflection of their rotting forms. While the gods created their fair share of monsters those created by the sect defy imagination, proving that perhaps men should never had had such power.

    The Sect brought men to their knees and eventually were faced with a hero of the people granted power by Wenna herself to face them, Saint Gabriel, the very first of the Knight Valiant. Their battle saw the Sect banished and saw Saint Gabriel mortally wounded. In his death he told his followers that while he had won the battle the Sect would return, they were immortal and his banishment would only be temporary, they existed in a place that wasn’t heaven but wasn’t the mortal plane either.

    While the Sect have been banished for some time but their followers remained, not immortal but close enough in their undead power. These followers were granted horrifying powers and given domain over even more horrifying monstrosities. These followers still reside in the world and are a concern for not just the Knight valiant but the Helian realm at large.